Recently, players using the Dallas datacenter have been experiencing a large amount of disconnects and lag while playing ArcheAge. The good news is that the devs are on the case and have identified the causes. Yup… There are two different issues causing the problem.

According to a post from Senior Community Manager Celestrata Bloodsong, the problems are being caused by both a network equipment issue in house and an internet service issue outside of their equipment. Both of these things just happened to occur at the same time resulting in the lag players have been experiencing.

The devs are now hard at work on the issue — even working with the outside providers to get everything fixed on their end. They’ve also said they’re making note of the customers impacted by the issue and will follow up with them when the issues have been taken care of.

If you’d like to keep track of the dev’s progress, you can do so via the forum thread.

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  1. Drago on November 14, 2016

    Love this game but hate Trion..

    • ASD on November 15, 2016

      Same bro. It’s why I never recommand their games not even to my enemies.

  2. Ultra_Ninja on November 13, 2016

    Archage is shit.

    • Onara Gorou on November 15, 2016


    • ASD on November 15, 2016

      I think he’s talking about because trion is ruining it. Most people who complain about archeage complain because it’s trion worlds fault.

      • get ree on November 15, 2016

        the game is just poorly made aswell full of toxic trolls , griefers and scumbag gamers who spy and just want to rob noobs and lets not forget the terrible rng enchanting waste of time

      • ASD on November 15, 2016

        I didn’t play this game enough to test out the enchanting but I’ve been robbed so many times I couldn’t complete quests and people would stalk me and grief me and rob me soon as my plants I plant are fully grown and spy on me and I’ve seen toxic players as well. Your so right on this it’s why I don’t play this game anymore or any of trions worlds games their company isn’t worth the effort.

      • ASD on November 15, 2016

        Your 100% true on this Get Ree because toxic trolls have spied on me and robbed me on the first day I tried this game I haven’t been able to get the quests done. I’ve been stalked and ambushed after the plants I planted grew and they stoled over half my plants. Trion worlds games isn’t worth the time or effort due to the awful support it’s why I quit after the first week of playing.

        • ASD on November 15, 2016

          You can ignore the post I made right above this one the one that starts out with your 100% true on this if you really want but the other post is what I ment to post. The comments been messing up for me. It’s also why I’m done with this gaming review site after today. I’m just finishing up replying to people then I’m done for good.

  3. rickshaw on November 11, 2016

    There been no care here..
    TRION are as slow as Saturn takes to rotate one cycle.

    • ASD on November 11, 2016

      Sad but true. If this game had a better publisher then this game probably would be doing 10x better. I wouldnt recommand playing this game while trion is the publisher. It’s the reason why I stopped playing mostly.

    • Preciel on November 14, 2016

      hurray another story nobody cares about <3

      • CarefulGuy on November 15, 2016

        Hey be careful telling MMOBomb that you don’t care about their stories, I got an angry reply email once just for calling out the site on posting garbage, half of which wasn’t even posted on time, the others just crap. Site’s all filler at this point. Try MMOs dot com , much better format

      • ASD on November 15, 2016

        So true carefulguy. I mean I like MMOBOMB but their comments layout is kinda bad. But I like their articles.