Need a little boost while playing some ArcheAge? Well Trion Worlds has unveiled the “Power Unbound” event and it runs from now until August 10th. The free to play MMORPG has added a crafting station on Mirage Isle and players who bring 10 Papers and 2 Blue Salt Hammers can craft an Unidentified Grimoire. This craft doesn’t cost any Labor Points, by the way.

Open that bad boy up and you’ll receive 1 of 9 possible scrolls that can either be used and consumed or traded. Here’s the list of possibilities:

  • Experience Grimoire – Increases XP gain by +20%.
  • Ward Grimoire – Decrease received damage by 5%.
  • Promise Grimoire – Increases all stats by +70.
  • Healing Grimoire – Restores 30% of Max Health (120sec cooldown).
  • Haste Grimoire – Increases Move Speed +10%.
  • Greedy Grimoire – Increases loot drop rate +10%.
  • Zeal Grimoire – Increases skill damage and received healing by +4%.
  • Frenzy Grimoire – Decreases combat skill cooldown by 10%.
  • Meditation Grimoire – Restores 18% of Max Mana every 2.5sec for 10sec. Moving or taking action ends the mana restoration (120sec cooldown).
  • Check out the ArcheAge website for more information.

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    1. MMOGirl on July 29, 2015

      End with labor points and will come back !

      • MMOMAN on July 29, 2015

        your labor is in the kitchen

    2. MMOGirl on July 29, 2015


    3. hovsep56 on July 28, 2015

      wow such crappy rewards but i gues players will spam this event and wait till its over to sell it in the auction for like 5billion gold more than its worth.

      • hovsep56 on July 28, 2015

        and then question why noone buys them.

        • NopnopanNOP on July 28, 2015

          don’t worry there are still bots around for people to afford 5billion worth of exp scrolls.

    4. TORK on July 28, 2015