ArcheAge Version 2.9, Build 9.2 is here. The new update brings with it a variety of events as well as an adjustment to how events are timed in different regions. The events run until August 31 at 11:59 PM and include a new type of fishing quest where you fish for Tokens on Mirage Isle and two new Masked Daru quests in which you’ll have to help defend Mistmerrow against new threats.

During the fishing event, players will need a special rod to fish for the tokens. This rod will be offered by the Divine Clock to players who have been logged in for 10 minutes. The rod will only last for 30 minutes so players will have to hurry to catch 25 tokens and earn a reward crate.

To participate in the Masked Daru’s quests, you’ll need to visit him at your faction’s base of operations in Marianope, Austera, or Growlgate to pick them up.

As for the Shadowguard Festival, the event will kick off August 30th. The developers promise more information at a later date.

Other features of the new update include a variety of bug fixes. The full patch notes are available on the ArcheAge site.

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  1. all noobs say p4w… understand this game and you win….
    i make more gold per day as many pay4lose player
    make the same gold whit money i must pay 10000€+++++ per week

    • It’s not a matter of whether or not you “can” get well geared without paying, it’s the fact that you can easily throw real world money at the game to get in-game money, which = crafting supplies, which = some of the best gear in the game.. You can easily just buy some of the best gear in the game with real world money, which gives you a massive advantage over other players, which is what makes the game p2w.
      The only reason you say its so easy to stay on top as a f2p is because 1: you’re already very familiar with the game’s mechanics, 2: you’re already established in the endgame, not a new player, and 3: you have the free time to spend maintaining that kind of in-game income.

      • Not to mention labor limits on virtually everything in the game (MUCH more labor if you pay $$), the massive RNG on improving gear, that can be mitigated with $$. The game is 100% about gold, and you can buy gold with cash, so, yeah..

        On a more positive note, if you just shell out cash to buy your first Patron status, a lot of your progression issues are pretty much solved. Much more labor freedom, much easier to make money. You will never keep up with the highest tier players who regularly spend large amounts, but you at least have a chance at getting to a somewhat competitive level.

    • Also tonns of bots everywhere, gold sellers, bugs, stupid dungeons, you need to waste months in shouting in chat to find group for dungeons, brainless daily quests and stupid quests, kill 10 there collect 10 there over and over, generic copy paste asian mmo!

    • So true. I like archeage alot but they are such shitty publishers I hope the devs one day realize how horrible they are and decide to find new publishers but I doubt that will happen since trion worlds is making them so much money.

      • Although I agree mostly with the hate this game (and Trion) gets I will say that a large portion of it’s problems are due to the developers outright denying Trion the freedom to make adjustments to the game, or it’s payment model, in order to appeal to a western audience. It’s very common for eastern developed MMOs to have these problems, because the developers honestly don’t care about pleasing the western audience when their methods are already successful in their own countries. This is the reason eastern MMOs have the stereotype of being grindy and “p2w”; grindy, heavily RNG-based games are popular in eastern countries.

        Trion does have many issues of their own, although they have a lot less to do with ArcheAge’s problems than many people think.

        • I haven’t looked into archeages developers personally but if they are causing it to be held back then I feel bad for the game itself then personally. If the game was adjusted a bit to appeal to the western audience I’m sure it would be more popular then it actually is right now and I do admit I really like it but if they would fix a majority of the issues it has or at least some of it I would play their game.

        • I’m also highly considering trying out MMOs in the asian countries I’m sick of the MMOs in the western market since a majority of it is half ass worked or p2w or cosmetic stuff.

          • The eastern versions of pretty much any MMO will be much more blatant with their cash shop, and the games will definitely still be very p2w. The thing about people in, say, South Korea is that they don’t mind regularly spending money in the games they like, nor do they mind things like being able to buy equipment/weapons in a cash shop; extremely unforgiving RNG with loot/progression is also totally cool with them.

            The only way we will see less of this style of design and monetization is if eastern developers actually put work into creating truly localized western versions of their game, that appeal to the western market, or otherwise give publishers the power to make those changes themselves.

          • If the MMO industry is really this messed up I might consider trying to throw my hat into the ring maybe I can try to come out ontop with the ideas I got.


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