We already had the Eternal Strife expansion launch in December for Webzen’s PVP focused MMORPG, Archlord 2. Here it is the beginning of February and the game is already receiving another update. Not just a small list of fixes, this update adds an increased level cap and much more.

The level cap has been raised to 51 and there are two new territories and one new dungeon to go along with the cap raise. A full new tier of both PvE and PvP gear has been added to accommodate these higher levels as well.

Players can delve deeper into the lore of Chantra with the addition of two new areas: the Land of Corruption and the Sunny Garden. Once a rich and fertile, the Land of Corruption was the scene of a bloody battle between ruthless nobles fighting for its possession. Alas, their conflict attracted attention of the Dark Priest Galia, who created his own army of undead from the fallen warriors in order to eliminate the living and further advance his sinister plot. Of course it’s up to you to save the world here.

The PvP side of business gets some love too as a new skirmish for level 46 and above players has been added.

Check out the full patch notes here for all the update details and the login contest running to celebrate the patch

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  1. Still i’m not going back to this game anymore, since they removed the dungeon raid parties and increased the xp needed to get a new lvl the game just became a classic grinding thing, beside they never fixed the slow response combat movements and the annoying skill delay, so it’s up yo you guys…

    PD I miss the old Archlord ;(

    • lol? you must have really bad pc or intrnet
      i never got skill delays in game or slow response from game
      and there is dungeon raid parties idk what are you talking about
      you are just one more archlord 1 fanatic

      • Wrong and wrong, is not the pc or internet cause i also play planetside 2 and there is no lagg or something, and for the other thing, ppl used to enter in a raid party while already soloing a dungeon, (i’m guessing you never did that) not to make a raid party to enter a dungeon, that’s was the fun part to get a new lvl plus good stuff without wasting mass ammounts of ingame currency in potions

      • besides i played since the first day and the’ve been removing the fun of the game with “patches” just to make it more grindish

    • Step 1) Unplug your potato.
      Step 2) Put in microwave
      Step 3) Eat and enjoy potato. Stop playing online games not meant for potato


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