Fans of Webzen’s PvP focused MMORPG, Archlord II, are able to jump into the game’s new content update today and start leveling some more. In addition to a new open PvP zone, a new instance, new quests and gear, and even some new legendary items, the free to play game’s update also raises the current level cap to level 60.

“Stardust Land,” the new PvP area, is the focus of the continuing story of the Dark Priest Galia. Having played a primary role in the events of the previous “Land of Corruption” and “Sunny Garden” updates, Galia has escaped, with a little help, to Stardust Land and hopes to wreak a bit of havoc there. Players will be tasked with restoring peace and can earn a new tier of equipment for tackling this massive challenge.

Stardust Land is open PvP though so players should watch their back while advancing through the 240 new quests added to the game.

To celebrate, Webzen is giving away Euty mounts through a login contest. Simply log into Archlord II any time between June 16th and June 29th and you’ll be entered for a chance to win. Each day you log in during the contest period gives you an additional entry into the drawing. Additional events and battlegrounds bonuses will run until the 22nd so check out the official announcement to learn more.

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  1. lol 240 new quests, how marvelous! repeating the “3 ore, 3 plants, 5 mobs and a miniboss” quests again and again till lv 60 it’s only for cod fankids


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