The latest update (0.12.1776) for Obsidian Entertainment’s and’s free-to-play game Armored Warfare introduces the coveted visual camouflage feature. Players can now unlock camouflage and paint options which can be mixed and matched, allowing players greater flexibility in customization.

Players can buy camouflage options via the customization interface in the garage using gold or in-game credits. Paint, on the other hand, is unlocked for free by completing achievements. Once a color is unlocked, it can be used on any vehicle.

Don’t worry — you’re not going to miss out by having already completed achievements, as they’re retroactive. So if you’ve already completed an achievement needed to unlock a paint, all you need to do is participate in another battle and it will unlock.

Each vehicle can have three camouflage/paint configurations for different environment types — when you apply camo to the tank it will be added on top of your chosen paint color — with the correct camouflage automatically being selected when you load into a map. As an added bonus, the visual camouflage will add a 3% buff to the vehicle’s camo rating.

More information on visual camoflauge or a complete list of changes in update 0.12.1776 is available on the game’s official site.

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