Armored Warfare t-15

Armored Warfare continues to motor along, and with the next patch Obsidian Entertainment hopes to fix “the most important issues of Armored Warfare.” Those were profiled in a dev blog earlier this week and are mostly related to high-level mathematical issues, such as shot delay and normalization. There are also some optimization fixed in the works, which should help players on lower-end systems.

Update 0.16 isn’t just about fixing things, though, as there’s a lot of new stuff coming as well: two new high-tier vehicles, the T-15 HIFV Tier 10 AFV and PTL-02 Tier 8 Premium TD; three new PvE missions; and new commendation and loot systems, to help make battles more rewarding.

It’s a lot to look forward to, and you can read about the individual elements via the above links or by looking over the main update page on the Armored Warfare website.


  1. Funny, tell fan bois it needed game enhancement, they tell you stfu. And poor, game was/is cancer that it needs these rehauls. It does have p2w edge as much as wot. Better tanks with cash. Obviously premium not there as a name tag boost. And like WOT, it gets boring fast

    • Never bothered with PvP, never felt the so called “P2W” you speak of. PvE is there for a reason.

      And this community is not half as cancerous the WoT EU servers.

    • I put hundreds of hours in this game. I play for a couple of hours every day since Open Beta started (I have the Founders Pack).

      You really don’t need Premium to level up fast. In fact, only turn on Premium on x3~x4 events which occur frequently every month.

      The stats for premium tanks are no different from regular, maxed out tanks. The only different is probably very minor stat buffs, tier 5 crew. and post-match exp and cash bonus increases. But really now, I have killed so many premium tanks already. Even the feared WZ-1224 isn’t a threat anymore.

      Chally line is still a threat for Tier 6 players and under, but there are ways to take it out if you work as a team.

      “P2W edge as much as WoT?” What are you smoking, weed?? In less than a year I am already at tier 7. with 1/3 of my Tier 6 tanks reaching over 50% completion.

      The game needs improvements and we admit it needs it. The community doesn’t tell you to STFU if you have an opinion. Many of the things you have in mind are already planned for the future. There are only 100+ devs working on this game while the rest are allocated towards development of other games Obsidian is working on.

      You dare call this game “cancer,” so let me ask you this: How come I enjoy PVP most of the time? I always use non-Premium tanks when I play. My Premium expired months ago and one of my friends who never put a single dollar in this game (no premium, no gold, no anything) already owns a Leo2A5 (or 6), which is a tier 8 (a6 being a tier 9 MBT) MBT.

      In this game, Premium tanks DO NOT give you an edge in-game. You probably suck at this game and that’s why you’re QQing.

      Watch yourself, mate.

    • As a regular, This game has absolutely ZERO pay to win aspectts.

      No premium ammunition, no premium nothing. The only thing you gain from the Premium Sub is more xp and credits.

      So could you, pretty please, kill yourself?


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