In Armored Warfare,’s upcoming free to play tank combat simulator, Reputation is the name of the game. Reputation is the main currency used to upgrade your existing lineup of vehicles and is also used to buy better versions and higher tiers of new vehicles. You won’t find reputation in the cash shop though. The only way to get reputation is by playing the game.

PvE and PvP modes both award players with reputation, although PvE gains are considerably smaller. In PvP though, similar systems start to fall short when someone goes AFK and you lose a match you should have won. has some plans for how to deal with both the player that should have received more points AND the player who shouldn’t receive any since they left the battle or went AFK.

Reputation gains are based on damage, not kills or winning the match. Yes, a kill or a match win can provide EXTRA reputation, but the primary method of gathering these points is through straight up damage to other tanks. If you’re playing a lighter, faster vehicle for recon though, fear not. Your points are gained by spotting enemy vehicles. This tailoring of points is aimed at facilitating teamwork.

Planning on going AFK or not even firing a shot? Better make a new plan. Going AFK will cause any reputation you’ve gained to slowly decrease after time. Not doing a thing in a match awards you zero points. Since winning a match get you a bonus percentage of your accumulated reputation points, you won’t even get match win points for sitting there doing nothing.

Check out the full breakdown to see how these points are used to upgrade and purchase vehicles and see the smaller modifiers to reputation gains and losses that hopes will create a competitive but teamwork driven experience.

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  1. Replace “reputation” with “experience” … now everyone knows. Works just the same as in WoT and War Thunder. However i am glad they are doing something about AFK players and Bot players, or players sitting in the back doing nothing. That will hopefully reduce useless players in every single match like in WoT.

  2. good luck is horrible on beta invites. unless you do founder packs. ive been signed up for beta on all the games on the website since bfore world of speed was advertised on here. also if you ever go to the forums hundreds of people want in but never get in


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