Armored Warfare Coastal Threat

No, Obsidian Entertainment isn’t putting aquatic tanks in Armored Warfare, but that doesn’t mean you can’t head on down to the beach for a little R&R.

The game’s new map, Coastal Threat, is set in the Black Sea region and features lots of close-range, street-to-street action. There are still places to find cover in the wooded areas around the edges of the map, and yes, you can head to the beach. As the trailer puts it, it’s a “former tourist hotspot that has come upon hard times.” Really, they should just make the most of it and offer tank rides — fun for the whole family!

I caught a glimpse of the map as it was being developed during my trip out to Obsidian last year, so this map’s been in development at least since then, nearly four months ago. You can try the map out for yourself, along with seven new Chinese main battle tanks, when update 0.13 goes live later this month.



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