Armored Warfare

Armored Warfare Senior Producer Joshua Morris has penned a producer’s letter on the AW forums, thanking fans for the successes of 2015 and looking forward to 2016 and what the team needs to do to improve the game. Spoiler: It’s a long list.

The planned new content is what you’d expect: new maps, new tanks, and new game modes, along with further customization and the addition of replays. On a simpler note, Morris also outlines many of the basic features that the team needs to improve upon. These include things like balance, matchmaking, bug fixes, “and basically every other core feature already in the game.” So… everything, huh?

Morris also acknowledges that PvE has been very popular, as much as PvP, and it’s something the team plans to invest more resources in. You can read his entire letter here.


  1. Best arena / tank game so far. Im a WoT vet and warthunder. They both pale in comparison.
    1) WoT has turned into too fast to gank and poor maps. They encourage this in an update where everyone starts on a slope. You have seconds to find cover before 1 shotted and every path memorized. AW beats this with multiole open ways to hide/advance etc. And has more come backs and nail biting close matches.

    2) Warthunders replay gimmik is flawed, lies, and poor. Tie in poor maps and HORRIBLE leave tank to fly a useless plane = derp. AW just started and has so much promise.

    The bad: AW doesnt have real country seperation or logical organization. Just two fictious corporations with mix modern tank types. A bit US vs EU. Arty snipers are unlocked level 4 and a bit flawed atm.
    Confusion on balancing smaller tanks and light transports. Pay attention to scoreboard. Gold tanks always win. They do have better stats. Not too bad with 1 or 2, but 3-5 and you will loose. They op armor for peek a booing and 1-2 shot u.

  2. Well, for me this game is the best, as long as they wont introduce any gold ammo and they wont force me to buy premium account at highest tier because I cant get enough credits not like other games we know WoT, this is the perfect game for me.

    • It’s impossible for them to introduce gold ammo. All the ammo tanks are using are based of either factual and/or historical data. All the ammo a Leopard 2 uses will be exactly what the Abrams and the Ariete uses.


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