Want even more modern era tanks in your tank combat sims? Armored Warfare continues to deliver on that front as they introduce the T-90 to the Russian Army’s arsenal in their free to play game, currently in Early Access Test 3.

The T-90 was mass-produced between 1992 and 1998. The entire production run history is somewhat unclear as at one point production apparently ceased due to Russian military budget cuts. Nevertheless, by 2012 the Russian military listed around 1335 T-90 tanks of all variants, of which 500 T-90 and T-90A tanks went to the Russian army and the rest were exported.

Having increased armor and and capabilities over the T-72B that it was originally based on, the T-90 is a tier 8 main battle tank that players can do a ton of damage with at the downside of being slightly less armored than other tier 8 opponents.

If you want to get in on Armored Warfare’s testing to take the T-90 for a test spin, take a peek at the full write up and sign up for beta.

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