Yacuba Games announced that the Open beta test phase for Army Rage, a free-to-play online first-person shooter is now live.

This update presents the implementation of extremely important features which change the game, such as anti-hacking software, Premium Currency Store, new game content – update of the sound system and kill notifications, new maps, new vehicles, new weapons and equipment, animation update, lobby and launcher interface update, iron sight, ranking and much more.

Developed by Tuyasoft, Army Rage is a free-to-play online first-person shooter game based entirely on the World War II theme. The game strives to realistically represent the unique reality of the largest military conflict in human history. Here players will experience an addictive fast-paced game play and the greatest dynamics and fire power ever seen in MMOFPS games of this class. When the Axis face the Allies in Army Rage’s lively scenes – challenging modes, realistic weapons performance and heavily armed WWII tanks will clash and challenge you to show all your skills of an FPS player to master the game features. Moreover, here you can not only try out how the most famous weapons of the WWII actually performed but you can even drive tanks and create epic-scale tank battles featuring 24 players and 12 tanks on the newest big map – Philippeville!

The open beta version of Army Rage contains the following changes:
· New Ranking system;
· New tanks – the WWII most fearsome vehicles StuG and SU are now available for the players;
· Two new maps – one small and one huge, which has enough place for epic tank battles;
· New weapons, including the extremely anticipated MP-40;
· Entirely new shop items – Spoil Chests, Premium Accounts, Armor and many more;
· Iron sight for bolt-action rifles;
· Upgraded characters animation and more realistic visual effects, updated animation of the weapons;
· Anti-Hacking software;
· Exclusive sound system and awesome kill notifications;
· Cobalt store;
· Entirely new launcher and lobby interface design;

Find more information about the new Army Rage Open Beta changes at: http://armyrage.com/


  1. rakanms has a point theres battlefield 1942 its awesome you all should think about getting it and begon its a game its fun

  2. Guys belive me its great game graphics are really good and jacuba games are really trying
    to make best game but i think its one of the best f2p fps games dont belive trolls try it out its just 500 mb 🙂

  3. BF1942-FH mod and FHSW mod are much better than this game.
    Even the dods.
    Dont waste time on this piece of shlt, cod2 would let you have fun.

  4. Bullshlt
    I thought this game had a great graphic, but now I realize I was wrong.
    This game is suck, no matter the graphic or game playing, sucking like hell

  5. No cacalips, the game sucks. Here are my complains:
    -crappy jumping mechanics
    -tons of bugs and crashes
    -going into prone position takes friggin 2-3 secounds
    -no ADS sites
    -reloading takes forever for some weapons
    -reloading is friggin fast for some weapons
    -unbalanced weapons

    That’s about it… and it’s already Open Beta? You got to be kidding me…

  6. Best FPS I have played in a longggg time that is free. The vids make it look like some of the other shooters out there. Don’t be fooled, the in game mechanics are more more tactical. Very ww2, slow movin, get in and think about strategy, but still action packed, and fast paced, depending on how the team works. NOT A ZERG TWITCH FEST…at least BLITZ mode. Death match and capture the flag….that is reserved for those kind of special people. BLITZ will have aircraft, soon.
    LOTS OF UNLOCKS, like air strike, shield walls to prevent incoming fire, detonators, etc…non…stop…fun
    CASH SHOP? Costumes only baby!


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