has announced today Asda 2, the new sequel to the fantasy anime-style MMORPG.  While the original Asda Story will remain in service, Asda 2 will launch as an all-new game which includes vast customization possibilities, intense PvP, and more.  Asda 2 continues the storyline of its predecessor, marking a time of uneasy peace after a war between three gods divided the game world into three opposing camps, and prompted the original Asda Story’s 3-Faction PvP mechanics.

Asda 2 starts with an uneasy alliance between two of the Factions (“Light” and “Dark”), who had driven back the third (“Chaos”) but eventually succumbed to in-fighting and brought about a direct war between the two. The new 2-Faction PvP system is planned to incorporate the Day and Night cycles of the sequels current ambient weather system to provide dynamic tactical factors that will alter the balance of power in real-time, as the opposing sides’ individual capabilities rise and fall with the progression of the in-game day.

Asda 2 introduces players to limitless customization and endless variety.  Players will be able to choose between eight classes to match their playing style with hundreds of skills and dozens of job classes to progress through.  The new in-depth item alteration systems allow players to modify equipment to extreme degrees and no longer will players be forced to sacrifice looks for stats with the unique Sowel and Avatar Systems.

Core PvP fans will enjoy the latest in faction-based battles as they join either the Light or Darkness faction and conquer cities to gain server-wide benefits.  A brand new overhaul will now allow players to earn PvP ranks, powerful equipment and some of the best items through the faction PvP system along with faction death matches that let players settle grudges personally!  In addition, multiple PvP modes and battlefields now allow players to take control of entire maps.

With the original game best known for its unique “Soul Mate” system, its sequel Asda 2 takes it further with a revolutionary new “Marriage System” which will allow players to gain further in-game benefits while playing together and access to unique character types. Players are able to join forces with their “Soul Mate” to level faster and become far more powerful than when playing alone. They will also have the opportunity to gain access to unique Soul Mate abilities and skills, thus gaining bonus item rewards and in-game perks by playing together!

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  1. I liked the original game, it was one of those games that you didn’t need to take too seriously, and didn’t expect you to – because of that it just ended up being…well, fun!


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