ASTA Open Beta Begins March 2nd

QuintLyn Bowers
By QuintLyn Bowers, News Editor Posted:


Beginning Wednesday, March 2nd, players with a WEBZEN account can log in and begin checking out the ATSTA Open Beta. The publisher of the free-to-play fantasy MMORPG, announced the open beta today.

Since the end of the initial Beta test in November of last year, WEBZEN -- in conjunction with Polygon Games -- have been hard at work on voice-over recording, game translation, and implementing community suggestions.

Players will be able to pre-download the English language Open Beta in advance. (No exact date for this has been announced as of yet.)

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Discussion (12)

idontlikemyname 7 years ago
the game got IP block now this game will die soon

Risea 7 years ago
Cool art, boring game

Glecko 7 years ago
Such a great game! i played IBT and had so much fun. Cry Engine 3 from (2009) really offers a smooth combat experience imo. i like it alot, plus. alot of skills is always fun :D!

Besides that the game has so much to offer while u level up and PvP.
For Example EVENTS all the time, killing raidbosses, doing PvP Events and etc. They pop up so u can just join them while u level, which gives a great variety to the gameplay.
i really think that whomever is reading this and looking for a new mmorpg, should check the game out.

Hope to see you ingame.
Remember, even tho i like the graphics of Asta, others might not.
but keep in mind, its how the Gameplay make u feel that matters, not the graphics.

deathtomemefags 7 years ago
I'm looking forward to this game. Kids today all want live-action and that's fine, but a lot of us were kids when games like WoW came out and we always liked that type of gameplay in mmos. For me the traditional mmo (i.e. Rift, WoW, Aion, etc.) are more appealing. That said, this game looks very clean in its animations, has nice character and environment details, and the fact that the devs took time to mitigate the presence of gold-sellers tells me they're actually putting effort in. Can't wait to try it.

Kendah 7 years ago
The game is really cool, unexpected but it really is. You have to try it out for yourself, its old school+modern at the same time, I have played many MMOs and do not recall coming across such combination in a MMO, a kind of game am looking for. A unique game of its kind, simple but fun and looks nice.

If this game is not your cup of tea, then please go pour your negative feelings somewhere else. Being negative without having anything constructive to say is just idiocy and tells how immature you are.

I hope it thrives, lives long and prospers :)

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zxcczzzz 7 years ago
Its a very old korean game, asian wow.

Todoran 7 years ago
what a pice of crap!

Rufinus 7 years ago
this game reminds me of 4story

Curst 7 years ago
So many new games have died over the last two years that I'm afraid to even try this one. It does look like a good candidate for an early grave, sadly.

Mewtwo 7 years ago
Eh, this game looks like it's going to die in a few weeks. It just looks so... like a 2005 MMORPG... the animations are so basic, and it's a typical point-and click game.

idontlikemyname 7 years ago
Cool i actually enjoy playing this game, reminds me some how to the old wow ^^!

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