A major content update is coming to ASTA: The War of Tears and Winds this month. Webzen, the free-to-play game’s developer and publisher, announced the update earlier today. This is the first major update to hit since the game entered Open Beta on March 2.

The new content includes a new Team Arena Map and a new difficulty mode for the current raid dungeon. The details are pretty vague at the moment, but the development team also promises to implement more things based on community feedback…as well as the standard bug fixes.

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  1. I did play it for a couple of weeks, but the thing is that the questing is REALLY repetitive. All the quests involve entering a hub, get about four our five quests, they involve you in doing the following:

    Kill X enemies (with the number increasing as your level does – started from about 3 in the starting zone, till it reached 17 in the 35-40 zone, that’s where it became unbearable for me)

    Kill X enemies and gather X stuff from them, the numbers also increase here

    Gather X stuff (I don’t remember if the quantity increased here)

    At some point I stopped participating in Dungeons, Battlegrounds and Class Arenas, because the gear your earn from dungeons, you can buy from the auction house, and as long as you are in a guild and do questing, you can earn more than 50 gold a day, and with 200 gold at level 35 or something, you can get yourself one of the best gear from the AH.

    The crafting is unbearably slow and expensive and as I said – you can get all the best gear from the AH, provided the server is well populated and people sell gear that they can’t wear on the AH, and since it was well populated, I could get the best gear from the AH without making an effort.

    The reason I quit was because of those reasons listed above, the game is extremely easy, if you played something like WoW before (and other MMOs as well), it’s really fast to level up and reach the end, but there is one thing that really sucks – even though it’s fast and easy, it’s fucking tedious as well. At some point I stopped reading the quest descriptions, because at first I wanted to immerse myself as much as possible into the game’s world, but it turns out the quest descriptions are as dumb as a raisin.

    When I played the game, I couldn’t stop comparing it to WoW, which I’ve been playing since 2007 I was really bothered that WoW had the same tedious quests, but they somehow felt like a real adventure, and in Vanilla it was really hard, even with a BM Hunter. The WoW’s world feels more alive (or should I say “Warcraft’s world” or “The world of Warcraft” … eeeeh fuck it).

    I feel more inclined to go back to WoW and do the things I’ve been doing for nine years than reaching the level cap (50 so far) in ASTA. I couldn’t even finish with level 39 and at least reach 40, that’s how much I was frustrated with this game.

    The verdict: The game isn’t bad, but if you’ve played games like WoW or basically have higher standards for MMOs, don’t expect to enjoy this game for more than a few days. I personally was very excited about the game, because of the Oriental setting, but after you leave the Asu’s starting zone Han District, there is barely anything Oriental besides the buildings in the second zone (10-20). After that even the buildings aren’t Oriental. I dreamed of venturing through bamboo forests, but there is only one tiny bamboo forest in the Han District and nothing else past this point. Even the gear doesn’t look Oriental, all the NPCs are, but the players aren’t.

    For me the game was a huge letdown.

  2. Don’t play this garbage game.

    Extremely pay 2 win.

    Unbalanced raids

    Unbalanced dungeons

    Literally zero balance between classes (healers and mages get 1 shot by archers from stealth, yeah try counter that)

    There’s already people who paid 3-4 thousand dollars keeping the game on lock

    Bullshit RNG features that are made to milk money outta you.

    I never talk bad about any mmorpg no matter how bad it is, but this one just made me mad cause I spent 2 weeks before realizing just how utter garbage these mmorpg games nowadays are.

    • Welcome to f2p mmorpgs…Glad u spent money.I don’t get it why people spend lot’s of money on f2p when they have nice b2p..are they that dumb?

    • How are dungeons imbalanced? I can play them while I’m sleeping, they are so easy, boring and retarded. Just hope you get a good party and not wipe, because there are REALLY idiots THIS retarded that will let you wipe in a free-to-play Asian MMO.


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