Trion Worlds’ free-to-play arena-brawler Atlas Reactor is officially open for business. The game officially launched today opening up to players and introducing a new map, “The Omni Core”, the recently announced Freelancer — Juno, and icons.

Since this is October, players can already look forward to a Halloween event which will kick off on October 18th. Following that… on a currently unspecified date… the Ranked Season will begin.

Executive Producer Peter Ju has outlined Trion’s plans for the game through the end of the year in the launch letter. This includes more Freelancers, a new game mode, new maps, more skins, an event called “Trust Wars,” and the Holiday Season event.

To celebrate the launch, Trion has elected to offer all three of the new launch packs at 10% off.

Full details on the launch, as well as what is to come, are available on the game’s site.

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  1. Brawler? Come on! It’s a turn based tactics/strategy game!
    And it’s a good game, even though overprized (you could get much better deals earlier in development)

  2. HAHAHAHA 27 euroes to unlock ranked and heroes?
    Free to play, no way in hell. Demo more like, why do u even cover such games?

    When we have LoL,Dota,Paladins,Smite etc around, even Battlerite released soon, why would any1 even care about trion’s lame joke of a game?

    Why do u covert it once again, im still shocked. Demo game =/= free to play, never will be.

  3. There is really no pay to win. I’ve played since alpha. You can be free and rotate which free lancers you have access to or buy the game and get then all. Talk world money unlocks skins and taunts, but gives you zero stat advantage.

    • Maybe because it’s old I mean I love windows XP but not every OS will support every brand new software forever in all of existance eventually you gotta upgrade. From what the glyph page says it says windows vista supports it but it ends in 2017 I believe so it’s not gonna be supported by microsoft much longer. And Lambda471 is correct windows XP doesn’t support atlas reactor and I think most if not all game developers wouldn’t support windows XP anymore anyway since microsoft dropped support for it in 2014 so I would recommand upgrading or going to a different OS platform if you want good service. Because windows XP was good in it’s time and is still good but I think we all gotta admit that society has moved on from windows XP and isn’t supporting windows XP anymore and probably won’t ever again.


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