Bandai Namco’s Blue Protocol has a beta test coming up, and it’s been all but confirmed as eventually launching in regions outside of Japan. Both of those bits of news come from fan site Blue Protocol DB, so while it’s not technically official, the fans at that site generally know what they’re talking about and have mostly accurate translations.

The closed beta test will be limited to 15,000 people in Japan only, with registration taking place from today until Oct. 26. The test will run for just three hours on Nov. 7, and you’ll start with a pre-made level 25 character. The purpose of the test is translated as saying that it’s to “renew the matching system, which had many problems in CBT conducted in April, and to confirm the function when many people perform matching in the same environment as CBT.”

Meanwhile, the prospects for the game leaving Japan are looking better and better. Blue Protocol DB also found a job listing for a Localization Director, who will have the primary task of “Supervising the localization of the game based on each region.” The new hire will also need “Language ability (English),” which all but confirms that the game will be making its way to North America and perhaps other English-speaking parts of the world. It pays six to eight million yen, or about $57,000 to $76,000, but you’ll have to work out of Tokyo, which this site says is the 24th most expensive city in the world. Hope you like ramen!

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    • I mean, I don’t think they would be silly enough to not do a west localization for 8 years like SEGA did with PSO2, and for several months there have been hints of a west localization even though nothing confirmed yet. We will know more in the couple months prior to release in 2021.


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