Battlefield V's Firestorm Battle Royale Mode Won't Be Free-To-Play At Launch

Jason Winter
By Jason Winter, News Editor Posted:

Battlefield V is getting a battle royale mode soon, which shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone. Called Firestorm, it will be played out on "the biggest Battlefield map ever" and will be available on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 on March 25.

What it won't be, however, is free-to-play -- not yet, at least.

John Stanley, a senior producer at Criterion Games -- to whom EA DICE has outsourced the development of Firestorm -- was asked about the prospects of the mode being free-to-play. According to VG 24/7, his response was, "Nothing to talk about at the moment, no."

To be fair to Stanley, he's probably been asked that a number of times and -- judging by his overall response to the questioning -- that part of his answer wasn't the most refined, from a PR perspective. It's probably about as close as he could come to hedging his bets against Firestorm being part of the paid package now and going F2P later.

One would think, however, that Stanley and his company would have little say in the matter. If EA and/or DICE want to make the mode free-to-play, Criterion won't have a say in the matter. Stanley's probably at least a part of those talks, seeing as how his team would have to program microtransactions and a potentially different reward structure into the mode, so he knows at least a little more about its plans than you or I and doesn't want to come out as seeming too knowledgeable, one way or the other.

I'd rate the possibility of Firestorm going free-to-play as a "maybe-probably" kind of thing, given the less-than-firm denial. And I wouldn't be surprised if EA is keeping a close eye on Activision with regards to the possibility of Call of Duty: Black Ops 4's Blackout mode eventually going F2P on a permanent basis. If one happens, the other might follow shortly thereafter.

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Discussion (7)

Curst 4 years ago
P.S. You know that your moderation tool is showing private information to everyone, right? I've been able to see someone else's messages that were "awaiting moderation" a number of times (including name and email below).

Curst 4 years ago
There was a time when BF was the king of PC FPS games. In terms of technology, visuals and gameplay they were setting the trends for everyone to (try to) follow, and look at them now. They are just a poor copy of CoD with slight variations. Complacent, scared to innovate, always several steps behind, messing with stuff they have no business touching as a game developer.

I don't think it's going to matter if they'll go F2P or not. They've lost the competition even before the base game was out, and now the BR mode is following a trend which is destined for a steep decline in 2019.

BigChang 4 years ago
Only reason Battle Royale games are sooo damn populated is becuz they are F2P.

But ofc EA being greedy asf from the start.

Felipe Fabricio 4 years ago
Here comes the big one, hell yeah!

Rundundukas 4 years ago
And another "Battle Royal" ....Is this the end of regular online games ? I dont get it where is the fun in those B.R.
You spawn in map run around get killed by better player and you need to wait 5-10 mins again. More time on waiting than playing ... You cant even practice your skills like you can in normal games with respawn.

Btw i miss good mmoRPG soo much ... with story, lore, quests etc..

NarkCurse 4 years ago
Just been watching Jackfrags gameplay of Firestorm, it does look cool. I'm not paying $60 to play it though, not when there's free alternatives out there.

Legit 4 years ago
It'll be free to play soon once they realize they dont have enough people queuing for the games and people are just sitting around like "hello?... is this stupid game gonna load me up a match or...." Which will make people pissed off that did pay and cant join matches. Honestly, how the hell do these battle royals think they can survive with Fortnight battle royal and Apex Legends battle royal free to play? Which are only the top two among too many to choose from. They'll just end up with a more pissed off player base kinda like H1Z1 has right now. Someone better talk to those guys.

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