Do you want to earn money playing free to play games? Do you love creating videos of your favorite games? Do you have a microphone that captures high quality sound and are a fluent English speaker? Then come join us at!

Our Director’s Program is a great way to get involved with the MMOBomb community and share your awesome gameplay videos with lots of viewers worldwide.


  1. hi guys, i got some questions here :b
    so, is this still available? if so, does it have to be a new game, one that you don’t have here yet? What do you want for us to talk about, do you want us to give more attention to gameplay? graphics? or maybe you just want us to play, and speak as we go? or is that up to us to decide?

  2. AWESOME! All I need now is a decent microphone, recorder and age of 16 (which will be in 2 more months). Looking forward to it !^_^V

  3. Props to mmobomb, was just out today looking for a job, doing commentary on video games sounds alot better than working at a fast food joint. Just submitted, and also from all the comments above did the example have to be from a free to play game, or any example works?

    • They have already contacted some directors, and I would assume the targeted audience are free to play players.

  4. Is there a time limit or people limit that can apply to this position? I would really try out this and apply, but I’m moving tomorrow so I would really have no time for it now. Would be back only after 1-5 weeks depending on how fast my provider will take this time. Would I still have a shot at this?

  5. I applied but the link I gave is an old one – I got better specs now and a better mic.
    Will you take that in consideration?

  6. I’d enjoy doing something like this 😀
    To bad my computer is too crap so i cant play any up-to-date F2P games >:

  7. It’d be nice to have an example of what kind of video we’re supposed to send in… Like, are we supposed to comment on parts of the game, or talk about a character we made, or explain the game for newbies, or what?

      • I’d love to apply but I have an error on my pc that won’t allow me to watch videos or make watchable videos. I hate codecs. >.<

          • It’s hard to explain. When I try to watch or record a video, it says invalid codec an won’t play then gives an error. If I could fix this problem I would happily work for you guys

  8. Hello, I also have a question. Does it matter that I’m from Romania? My english is very good, i’ve been studying it since i was 6. My age is now of 21.

  9. I would love to take that offer, sadly I have a crappy mic and no video recording/editing software (unless the free stuff counts XD). =/…plus my voice sounds horrible through recordings. Maybe it’s just my crappy headset though.


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