KOG Games has announced that the new Secret Sander Dungeon, complete with a battle against Behemoth, is now available for players of Elsword, the free to play action MMORPG. The update comes with some additional improvements on the existing Secret Dungeon series as well, but first, the lore behind the new addition:

“Years ago, the means of all life and power in the Sander Desert had become unstable and capsized due to a reckless experiment brought about by the curiosity of Alchemist Vapor. Due to the destruction of the Wind El by Vapor, the very fabric of space and time in Elrios had been rattled… with this foolhardy twist of fate, a surge of power erupted from the sundered Wind El tearing Elsword and crew from current day Elrios, back in time to the most preeminent battle of Sander’s war-ravaged history. A war that was fought between every tribe of the vast Sander Desert, and at the bloody pinnacle, entered the seething rancor of hell’s very own Behemoth.”

The existing dungeon series is also getting a revamp in both the rewards offered and the difficulty. Bethbites are getting replaced by region-specific stones such as the Sander Stone, Hamel Stone, Velder Stone, etc. In addition, region-specific Coins, updated crafting materials, and exclusive equipment drops will be introduced. Secret Dungeons will also have fewer stages and uniform difficulty.

Check out the Elsword site for more details.

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