Perfect World Entertainment is pleased to present a flythrough video for its upcoming, futuristic first person shooter (FPS), Blacklight Retribution, which highlights what PC enthusiasts can look forward to in term of graphics with the latest DirectX 11 effects implemented.

Unveiled at this year’s E3, Blacklight Retribution took the gaming industry by surprise, blowing away expectations of what it means to be a free-to-play FPS with cutting edge graphics that leverage AAA game technology such as the Unreal Engine and DirectX 11.

With the recent free-to-play related announcements of Team Fortress 2, Blacklight Retribution is a shining example of how top-notch PC games are now following the free-to-play model to offer the best experience to all the gamers.


  1. I only have Direct x10 on my new pc T.T
    The world always does this to me, ALWAYS

    It’s about time they start making a difference though

    • Just because it has 11 doesn’t mean it doesn’t support 10 or even 9, don’t worry, last time I checked Unreal works on almost everything…that is if the developers actually decide to make an effort and all.

  2. to me i think Graphics Engine like this Would make my PC Explode ….. I Don’t think i can play this game without my labtop reaching the heat degree of the sun 0.0

  3. im playing this cuz i played thhe original the only reason the first one failed is cuz it was fgwl or xbox live owned

  4. That looks really, really heavy. However it’s not, if anyone is worried Unreal engine is really cool when it comes to giving a great visual experience without frying your PC. If anyone has doubts you should try it and see for yourself, AVA is another good example of the engine.

    btw. any news on system requirements?


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