Blizzard Announces Overwatch, Which Is Totally Free-To-Play, Right?

Jason Winter
By Jason Winter, News Editor

So, Blizzard just announced a new game. It's called Overwatch, and it's a kind of superhero-themed Team Fortress 2. It was described at BlizzCon as "a team-based, multiplayer shooter that is completely action-packed" that will be "very approachable," keeping in line with their inclusive philosophy regarding MMORPGs, MOBAs, and CCGs.

Set "In a time of global crisis, an international task force of heroes banded together to restore peace to a war-torn world." This motley group of warriors includes such outlandish characters as a slinky sniper, a Nordic engineer who looks and sounds like a dwarf, an angelic healer, and a giant ape. Each has his or her own role -- offense, defense, tank, or support -- and they do battle around a number of stylized locations, including the streets of London and the shadow of the pyramids in Egypt. The only two modes announced so far are point capture and payload.

So yeah, it all sounds like "Blizzard's Team Fortress 2," which isn't that surprising, seeing as how other games, like Loadout and BattleCry have also jumped on the cartoonish team-based shooter arena. Those games are all free-to-play, so Overwatch will be too... right?

See, the thing is, we can't find any official word of that. It wasn't mentioned at BlizzCon and it's not in the official press release. Still, we're reporting on it here, in advance of more solid information. We'll hold off on any more writing until we're sure, but that raises a question for all of you: Would you be more or less interested in the game if it wasn't free-to-play? Would you try it out anyway? Or does it have to be F2P for you to give it a serious shot?

(Editor's Note: Blizzard states that they aren't sure if a one time purchase or F2P is the way to go yet. Which do you think?)

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Jason Winter
Jason Winter, News Editor
Jason Winter is a veteran gaming journalist, he brings a wide range of experience to MMOBomb, including two years with Beckett Media where he served as the editor of the leading gaming magazine Massive Online Gamer. He has also written professionally for several gaming websites.

Discussion (61)

NoMorMrNiceGuy 6 years ago
Tf2 knock off this game will fail big. Maybe a original idea is to much to ask. Anyway this gimp game grafix is kind lame for 2016. I would play this game but the way it looks now i don't play Tf2 and never will. Over watch i bet the person who cam up with this Lame idea laughing at you FROM china

John Hitchcock 8 years ago
When I first saw the trailer I naturally assumed it to be a simple Team Fortress 2 knock-off, but it actually looks kinda interesting and started to win me over in some ways. It's definitely inspired by Team Fortress 2 on some level, but I like the fact that they are trying to go in some new directions with it by introducing some new abilities and classes not previously available. I also think it's a nice change to have several playable female characters. I even already have an idea of which character I'd play as (probably Mercy, knowing my tendency to play medics).

The problem of course is that I'm a broke university student who already has enough trouble managing to save enough money to get through a week, letalone to buy a video game online (which would be hard for me to do anyway since I don't have a credit card). The only games I have really been playing lately (Team Fortress 2 and Planetside 2) are the ones I could get for free, as were a few others that dropped off my radar for one reason or another (Blacklight and Entropia Universe). It would be great if this was free, or at the very least along the lines of TF2 or Planetside 2 (where the game itself is free and enough is available for you to enjoy it, but you can pay for cosmetic items and other special features). I'd just prefer it doesn't end up like Pirates of the Caribbean Online (which kept proudly boasting in its advertisements to be "free to play", except once you've actually started playing it you can barely due anything more than walk around before you get messages in your face saying "unlimited access only, pay up!").

larry boutwell 8 years ago
plus warhammer stole from d&d.... so warcraft taking from warhammer isnt really anything to bitch about...

larry boutwell 8 years ago
lol.....first off.... ok yea looks like tf.... bad thing?? fk is a great damn game fun too... killing endless waves of things.. not your bag??ok fine stealing things from other games?? name me one that dont.....come on you show me an original game in this day in age you whine asses. tf 2 IS a fu game.. that being said.. they dont do shit with it.. no update or any thing... been playing a long time im happy to see a new take on an old idea. and wow... really... comparing wow to warhammer?? saying wow stole from warhammer??? your retarded....warhammer came out years after wow did... the mmo i mean not the rts dont wanna hear shit about not knowing what im talking about from some war hammer fan boys lol i have war hammer 2 on steam it sux imo because they took away the base and army building...they turned an rts into fucking full spectrum warrior basically. gameplay looks sick vid looks sick cant wait to play now i just need a machine that will play it the way it was ment to be played with setting maxed out....maybe blizzard will be nice and put it out on console?? i just see it doing well on console too

Robby 8 years ago
I probably won't be playing this as being a big fan of TF2 I already know some of the ups an downs of trying to make diverse characters with different abilities and keeping them balanced (I'll try it if free, but certainly am not buying it). Even in stock TF2 with the 9 characters set up there were some characters that just couldn't keep up over time, but they did an amazing job and the closest they could (of course adding weapons later on didn't help balance things). Looking at these 12 characters I can see unbalance issues from the start and the fact that they want to add more is ridiculous.

To be honest the best thing they could do would be to make the game subscription based for like $5 a month, but that won't happen because most people won't pay a subscription for a FPS. Instead they'll probably turn it into hat fortress with hundreds of awful looking cosmetics or they'll just implement a new system with weapon customization or new weapons altogether for characters making it extremely unbalanced. They're also talking about plans already for new characters, but looking on the surface these characters already look unbalanced so I don't know why they're worrying about new characters right now.

TF2 had a specific set up of class strengths and their weaknesses, but I don't see that so much in this game to a great degree (I said had because I'm talking about stock TF2. not 2014 shit TF2). I mostly see classes with just abilities that some are just greatly more useful than others. This will probably be a game where after a half year of its release people will get to know the characters with an "edge" and only about 1/3 of the characters will be frequently played by experienced users. I also don't like FPS games that implement class special abilities (not passive abilities). I've seen that in Monday Night Combat and it's basically who has the strongest ability and can spam their ability faster wins, (kind of like WoW ;] ) instead of who is better at aiming. I also really hate the character design. I never liked the WoW style to start with. I would really wish Blizzard would expand their art style and character design instead of recycling WoW like characters with guns in their hands...

Tiko 8 years ago
Looks bad. Small FOV. Gender lock charachters so if you are a man you can not play as a sniper ( using a girl charachter is sick ). A ton of epilepsy effects etc. it is another failed game from bli$$ard /activision. nothing to see there

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BRUCE LEE 8 years ago

Macguffinstv 8 years ago
So many Blizzard haters, and for what reason? All they have done is make good games. Just because they are similar to your beloved games doesn't mean ANYTHING. In case you haven't realized ALL new games are inspired by other games already out.

Blizzard has a knack for making similar games that are better than their brothers and sisters, or at least different in some way. For some reason this "journalist" decided to compare this game to Team Fortress 2, which I am sure they knew would light a fire under posters butts. In my opinion it is more like the upcoming Gigantic, just without the big bosses. I've even seen complaining about the Hero diversity, that they would rather have 3-4 flat characters. Without thinking it through people are posting nonsense, starting with the author of this.

The game isn't even in beta and people are banishing it from their minds. At least wait a little while and try it. The game offers many different and diverse characters from what I can tell. Different characters that can fill the same role as some others. Tanks for example with shields, what is fun about having to use the same tank over and over again? Why shouldn't I be able to play the gorilla and then the guy with the big mace who also has shield abilities?

My point is take it easy and give it some time. Try it before making your judgment, you may be surprised at what you find. It may very well not be a game you like, but at least you tried it to make sure.

kamran 8 years ago
that awesome reaper voice....

kamran 8 years ago
i will only play it if its f2p, they should find way to make money out of it !!!

don't do this to me blizzard :( no...

Merkadis 8 years ago
The continuation of "let's see how long they can keep that p2p only cockiness of theirs" right Blizzard-chan? of course right.

derpydenny 8 years ago
"One shot one kill" is a line from the League of Legends character, Caitlyn....not enough u had to rip off the gameplay of TF and the art style/setting of Firefall, but you can't even think up original lines for your unoriginal characters? pls

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Zarrix 8 years ago
while still early to plan out their monetization processes, but i hope it becomes a d3 setup buy-in of $40 and done.

devilr 8 years ago
I buy it if its not too expensive,if its free to play i give it a try ^^

Android 8 years ago
Another brainless shooter, this shit company cant bring anything new.

Allwynd 8 years ago
i wont play it for the sole reason that there are different characters using shitty weapons,
instead of having:

3-4 characters you can choose from, customize their appearance and use whatever weapons you like and customize them as well

ive played TF2 and its a really stupid game, i dont know what people like about it, AVA used to be way better - at least you can choose from tons of weapons the one that fits you best and even customize it, while in TF2 you have to bear with what you are given and suck it up or quit

i feel that this game will have the same mechanics as TF2, thus i wont even bother

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Urs-00 8 years ago
this have way too much "inspiration" on TF2 and Firefall, sad to see blizzard getting to something so generic... some classes are way to similar; similar guns, one even looks like portal gun; even the maps, like the egypt one seen in the video is so similar to TF2

it is quite generic, but at least it looks good

Disfunctional_Hobo 8 years ago
I am going to play the shit out of that reaper class.

Bane 8 years ago
Somewhere I read that Firefall lead artist is the man behind Overwatch graphic style and it is so recognizable, robots/armored heroes can be resembled to battleframes in Firefall. As for open-world mmo with this kind of graphics - well there it is obviously Firefall... though as someone said Overwatch is in a way the smoldering remains of the Titan mmo (guess just the arena/pvp battlegrounds are what is left and the classes/heroes).

Christian 8 years ago
If it is free to play i will definitely play it. However, if it is pay to play i probably won't, due to the high amount of shooters out there, team fortress 2 being the most obvious one, because it has the same concept of "classes", and the fact, that shooters most of the time have a very, how should i put this, peculiar progressive system. In conclusion i will most definitely try it out if it is free to play, but if it ends up being pay to play i will probably ignore it. Hope they make it free to play because to be honest i don't see this game surviving in the current market if it goes pay to play.

Mattias 8 years ago
So is there an Release date for it?? cus it look's kidan dope :D

Flevalt 8 years ago
I like how they set up the gameplay trailer so that you got to see a bit of what each class does and still get entertained. The characters also seem more interesting than those of TF2.

davidjans 8 years ago
hope its gonna be a 1 time purchase so it keeps most kids away :I

hovsep56 8 years ago
oh look another blizzard game stealing from other games nothing to see here i gues

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Seanny Chwan 8 years ago
Why not an OPEN WORLD MMORPG with this kinda graphic ???
I'm pretty sure they got budget for it and player won't mind sub it

Fandall 8 years ago
Id say it will be F2p with mini transactions and stuff. As to why- F2P games have earned - crosfire 800 millions alone , LoL 600 mil , dungeon firghters 400 mil, World Of Tanks 350 mil ( and thats the 2013 alone ). Wow did 200 mil *( on microtransactions, not subscriptions ). So, it would be totally stupid do go subscription based. It will be B2P at least. But i'd say- F2P. If not, fck it. Game looks nice, but i'm don't pay for them. It's like paying for your meal upfront- u get it, and it's all dry and tasteless.

Nikita 8 years ago
Rly? It's TF2+Firefall (I mean it's really like Firefall, gameplay, graphics, style)
And all people are hyped now only just because it's blizzard? If any other company would make this game, all people could write smth like ''It's a TF2 rip-off, It's Firefall rip-off'', but when Blizzard makes it, all people are like ''WOW, incredible game!''. F*ck that

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Redy501 8 years ago
It is basically TF2 in the future!

Jokul 8 years ago
Nobody would buy this game. I dont play tf2 anymore but look how well its done ever since it went f2p. Volvo is rich.

Mamson 8 years ago
i thought it was anime too, but its only on pictures... game is not anime its great animation and, if someone dont like this can play team fortress... i play heroes of the storm comepletly free and hope it will be too )

FrosTanK 8 years ago
omg?? its gonna be subscription or if its free to play, the other heroes need to be bought with real cash, will be playing just for the heck of it, if it really needs payment then goodluck getting players join this game.

Michael 8 years ago
ummm I prefer pay games over subscription or f2p. f2p usually ends up being a ripoff for anyone who prefers to explore the game to its depths. Having said that, I wouldn't mind if it was f2p too much. I just hope they intent to continually expand the franchise either through microtransactions or xpacs. I would get bored of 12 things to play. It's just how I am. I prefer variety.

Leon 8 years ago
I can say with some level of certainty that cash shop options will be available. Free to play games always make money, otherwise they wouldn't be made in the first place. I get a Team Fortress vibe from this one. Perhaps we will see more hat collecting as well?

Bleh! 8 years ago
Omfg! I can't wait to play this game, it's just amazing!
Good if tv show series was produced too...

Zhao Yun 8 years ago
Overwatch Cinematic Trailer:Got a bit hyped but not too much cause i was like "traielrs always look good"
Overwatch Gameplay Trailer:I WANT THIS GAME NOW
Overall this game looks good although i do see it may have some balancing issues cause it does have a lot of classes afterall but i do have faith in this cause its Blizzard.
As far as if i will play it or not.If it goes free to play I AM DEFENETLY trying it since i loved team fotress 2.If it goes B2P i will wait a bit and see what everyone who played and bought it say and depending on their saying(and if i can afford it) i may or may not play it.None the less the game looks really good

Wham 8 years ago
Too much anime, but I'll give it a try if its free.

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gepeto 8 years ago
Looks good, probably won't play it if it ins't f2p or cheap though, might aswell just play the other free options if its expensive

Wolfy 8 years ago
Maybe a $9.99 one off payment for permanent access? You can't charge more than that considering other options out there are free.
Alternatively they take the route of DOTA and charge for skins etc.

firelordzx 8 years ago
knowing blizzard, it will be a subscription game

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blabla 8 years ago
id probably play this game

Nevidni 8 years ago
the trailer, really creative! and the gameplay looks interesting also.

Berney 8 years ago
Okay, i'm officially hyped.

Sexlightning 8 years ago
This looks pretty cool. I hope its F2P so i can play it

Miki 8 years ago
ahhh it is like watching Pixar movie :D

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