Blizzard has been getting blasted for the past week following the implementation of its new progression system for Hearthstone. Earlier this week, as the new expansion was going live, Community Manager Ben Lee — who uses the appropriate handle Kerfuffleposted to the forums to try and mollify the angry crowd.

Lee apologized for the way the new system was implemented and communicated, saying that “it’s clear we missed the mark.” He acknowledged that there was a lack of “details for how events will link into and support the rewards system,” which has led to “incomplete projections.” He also stated that rewards for the end of the track would be upgraded from six packs to 1,350 gold and promised to “listen to your feedback, and iterate as needed until we get it right.”

Response to the post isn’t great, which is easy to understand. While saying that Blizzard “didn’t provide any details,” the post then goes on to describe basically no details apart from the one packs-to-gold change. The post is being called a “band-aid” by many, and it’s hard to argue with that. Granted, you couldn’t expect a complete description of a new system just a few days after Version 1.0 was implemented — and Lee is probably just the bearer of bad news, as all CMs eventually are — but some kind of solid, and immediate, compensation probably should have been offered rather than a “we’ll get to it later” message.

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