Develop is reporting that Blizzard may be getting into the free-to-play market in an upcoming unannounced game.

The site’s anonymous source added that the studio behind World of Warcraft is aiming to have games in both business models, subscription-based and freemium.

Blizzard already has spoken about the possibility of adopting the free-to-play model in the future but we still don’t have any official confirmation about this rumor.


  1. FFS. Blizzard’s dota is not a full game, it’s a map for SCII.
    You can read about it on the OFFICIAL Blizzard link:

    Honestly with the rumors, how hard is it to write “blizzard dota” in a search engine.

  2. Lol Blizzard already said that the free2play game they are working on is Blizzard DOTA (Dota 2).You can read about it on…

  3. Their Blizzard Dota is not rly free. You have to purchase Starcraft 2 and download the custom map so you can play it. It’s more of a mini game from SC2

  4. Blizzard already has 2 F2P titles – WoW: Starter and Starcraft II Starter. And before anyone says it’s not…I can play it. I can not play it without paying. It’s Free to play it. 🙂

    I look forward to more if they make’em!

  5. The game is Titan in which they make it free to play titan is the starcraft mmo just like warcraft mmo, and I look forward to see the starcraft mmo code named titan the real name is World of Starcraft. ItS cOmInG iN 2012 oR 2013.

    • No. Titan is a brand new intellectual property that has nothing to do with current Blizzard lore.
      Also it’s both fantasy and sci-fi and it’s coming 2014-15 at the earliest, it would take a normal company to make a game in two years, Blizzard takes 5.

  6. Who knows?Maybe its a new WoW expansion that will make wow f2p, since, first, with has no trial, then a 14 days trial, and now free up to lvl 20, maybe f2p next time?Who knows?Blizzard is freakin crazy…

    • You forgot to mention Warcraft 4…

      And @ Nox, I can’t imagine they’d just go and release SC maps with HoS and LotV coming up, any map would more than likely be paired with them. They’re reporting that there might be an actual F2P game in the works… My fingers are crossed with Warcraft 4 RTS MMO/F2P

  7. .Blizzard is about the profit. So they either plan too tap into too the free too play market and not like the profit margins or like them. It may mean tons of free too play MMOs on the budget Blizzard has too offer.

    • they will never do that. my account alone is worth over $400 US Dollars in subscription time and game purchases, and of course online store purchases such as the mounts.


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