The Heroes of the Storm North American Spring Regional is almost upon us. In preparation for the event, Blizzard has released information on the event itself, and the teams playing in it.

February 27 & 28, eight teams will face off against each other in Burbank, California in a bid to win their portion of a $100,000 prize pool — and more importantly, spots in the Spring Global Championship in Korea this April. Only two teams will earn a place in the Global Championship, where they will compete to win their share of the $500,000 prize pool.

Blizzard will be streaming the entire event live on for everyone to watch.

The competing teams are:


  • Derek ‘Dunktrain’ Arabian
  • John Paul ‘KingCaffeine’ Lopez
  • Keiwan ‘k1pro’ Itakura
  • Kun ‘iDream’ Fang
  • Taylor ‘Arthelon’ Eder

Team Naventic (formerly Bob Ross Fan Club)

  • Christopher ‘Zuna’ Buechter
  • Fan ‘Fan’ Yang
  • Ken ‘Kenma’ Buechter
  • Aaron ‘Erho’ Kappes
  • Stafford ‘McIntyre’ McIntyre

COGnitive Gaming

  • Jeffrey ‘Iakona’ Dolan
  • Ben ‘Cattlepillar’ Bunk
  • Mike ‘Glaurung’ Fisk
  • Rori ‘CauthonLuck’ Bryant-Raible
  • Kayla ‘Faye’ Murray

Tempo Storm

  • Kurt ‘Kaeyoh’ Ocher
  • Josh ‘Sold1er’ Miller
  • Francisco ‘Goku’ Avalos
  • Quinn ‘Srey’ Fischer
  • Brian ‘Zixz’ Skarda

Team Blaze

  • Eugene ‘Yuuj’ Tseng
  • Marty ‘Batterry’ Nivinski
  • ‘Jason’ Mei
  • Richard ‘Kladeous’ Tran
  • David ‘Roflcopter’ Young

Panda Global

  • Stefen ‘akaface’ Anderson
  • Sammuel ‘bigempct’ Hua
  • Michael ‘MichaelUdall’ Udall
  • Harrison ‘psalm’ Chang
  • Josh ‘Bkid’ Choi

King of Blades Alpha

  • Chris ‘Darkchimaera’ Beery
  • Damian ‘FrozenX’ Nagel
  • Jerome ‘KilluZiioN’ Tanguay
  • Kevin ‘TalkingTrees’ Marco
  • Thomas ‘Tomster’ Maguire

Team Nom

  • Miqueas ‘Wrath’ Kim Han
  • Stephen ‘Kachi’ Guillot
  • Cody ‘Deadlyice’ Engesser
  • Merek ‘zugrug’ Kangas
  • Tianyun ‘Dayun’ Zhang

In addition to the Heroes Regional, Blizzard will also be holding the Hearthstone Americas Winter Preliminary this weekend; February 20-21 at 10 a.m. PST. Eighteen winners of the recent Tavern Hero Tournaments in addition to the top 128 ranked players from the Americas will battle each other to win one of eight spots in the Americas Winter Championship in March — and a chance at a portion of the $100,000 prize pool.

You can watch the Hearthstone Preliminary on the PlayHearthstone Twitch.

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  1. PoshPro on February 25, 2016

    My pick to win is Team Naventic formerly BRFC !!! They beat out Cloud 9 this last January in SoCal and will predict they will do it again ….

  2. Drago on February 20, 2016

    HOS is a epic fail, maybe if they tried to be different from other mobas it would have worked, but with the same flash, invisible, teleport skill system there is nothing new apart from slower gameplay.. Whats wrong with OLD school stand up fights.. Remember the old days of LOL.

  3. Todoran on February 19, 2016

    following valve!…… yeah lizard make cheap 10 map pvp games… go for ESL championships and get all the 10 years old and all the rusians to be whanabe chamions in HotS and Overpriced,,,,, “i whana beee filmed while i’m pwuaing and owning stuff whit my awsum skiilz…..” RIP good PVE games.

    • Xevian on February 19, 2016

      Reality Check: If there is no blizzard = there is no Dota = there is no Dota 2.Respect the company kid.They have the best games on the table atm.

      You better get that in your head scrub!

      • NGoHT on February 19, 2016

        True they have good games. Hots aint one though :/

      • DERPINA on February 19, 2016

        They don’t own that moron, in fact they almost got a court ruling for copywright because of that. DOTA and DOTA 2 have models WoW like : “Sprite, Naga, etc..” and they outright just changed the names LOL. Leaving them right back at how many good games? ZERO

        • Todoran on February 20, 2016

          XEVIAN is a internet rat…

      • Todoran on February 20, 2016

        mind your maners puke…. read twice before posting crap futile internet rat, the only good games they HAD was WoW Starcraft and Diablo… morron. Use google + brain.