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When Blizzard introduced set rotation and the new Standard/Wild split in Hearthstone last year, it also announced that old card sets would no longer be sold. No reason was given for this curious move, leaving us to speculate. Maybe it was done to better promote the Standard style of play, maybe it was so as not to confuse new players with an overabundance of choices, or maybe — if I’m going to be extra-cynical — it was an attempt to boost sales in the short term: “Act now before they’re all gone!”

In truth, it was probably a case of Blizzard wanting to steer as many players as possible to Standard. The only problem was, Wild was still … well, wildly popular.

Whatever the reasoning behind the initial move, it’s about to be reversed and those old card sets are coming back to the Hearthstone store. A blog post over the weekend not only promoted the Hearthstone Wild Open, which took place Saturday and Sunday, but also provided this little announcement:

In the coming weeks, ALL Wild sets—including Expansions and Adventures—will once again become available for purchase* on the Blizzard Shop

So if you still want to put together that awesome Reno Jackson or ‘mech deck that was all the rage two years ago, but you lack the cards (or the Arcane Dust), you’ll be able to get what you need from the Hearthstone shop soon(TM). We’d guess this will go live around the time of the next expansion’s release, the announcement of which is expected on Thursday during the HCT Spring Championships.

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  1. Very happy about this. I hope for more wild event promotion. Also hope for a set filter where people can set up leagues or matchmade games using specific chosen sets. Think about what will happen when wild has say, 6 more sets than it does now. The game will have to change somehow to accommodate the ridiculously strong decks that will be possible. Probably higher life totals?


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