UPDATE (11/4, 1:15 p.m. PDT): Want some Gadgetzan lore and a peek at a few more cards from the expansion? Here you go!

To no one’s surprise, the much-teased next expansion for Hearthstone, Mean Streets of Gadgetzan, was formally announced at BlizzCon 2016. The new expansion comes out in early December, bringing 132 new cards and at least one interesting new mechanic.

Life in Gadgetzan revolves around the three factions that dominate the streets, each of which brings with it special tri-class cards that can be used by any of those three classes: the Grimy Goons offer hunter, paladin, and warrior cards, the Kabal are mage, priest, and warlock, and the Jade Lotus assists druid, rogue, and shaman decks. One card that was shown off at the presentation was the Kabal Courier, a 3-cost 2/2 with “Battlecry: Discover a Mage, Priest, or Warlock card.” (It looks like each of the families has a similar card.)

Other cards shown off during the initial presentation include the Piranha Launcher, a five-cost, 2/4 hunter weapon that generates a 1/1 piranha every time it attacks, and the Lotus Assassin, a 5/5 that gains Stealth every time it kills an opposing minion. Then there was the insane legendary Kazakus, a 4-cost, 3/3 with “Battlecry: If your deck has no duplicates, create a custom spell.” Hearthstone Executive Producer Hamilton Chu took us through the process of creating a spell with Kazakus, which involved choosing a mana cost for it and then discovering two effects for the combined-use spell.

You can learn more about Mean Streets of Gadgetzan on the Hearthstone website, or pre-order 50 packs for $49.99 from the Battle.net store. If there’s any more big news on the expansion during BlizzCon weekend, we’ll report it right here!

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  1. All I gotta say is if the update is trash then they need to tone down on the video trailers quality a little bit and work more on the game. I get the video trailer is important but it’s also important to make the game actually good and the updates actually good.

    • Not sure why you say that lol. I mean hearthstone is a good game and I like it but I don’t play it often but the point I’m trying to make is if your a game developer and you rather work on the trailer and not work on the games development then why build the game at all? Because soon as the players log on the game they will see how much of a piece of garbage the game is then quit so as much as it is good to work on the video trailer the devs should also work on the games development also so it’s good so the players don’t quit like a few hours after playing the game.


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