Borderlands 3 To Be Fully Cross-Play Come Spring

The always hesitant Sony has finally allowed PlayStation to join in on the fun.

Aspen Pash
By Aspen Pash, News Editor Posted:

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In an official announcement by Gearbox Software at PEX East, Borderlands 3 will have full cross-play support across all platforms sometime in spring. Before, all platforms except PlayStation supported cross-play in Borderlands 3. PlayStation has been very firm in its long-standing decision to not allow cross-play. The reason behind this decision was always veiled in mystery. Of course there may be many underlying reasons behind the delay on cross-play on Sony’s end–be it audience, exclusivity, money–but Japanese companies usually go about handling major decisions with a wait-and-see model. Japan will often wait and watch how decisions in the West pan out before they themself adopt a newer model.

Luckily, Sony has reevaluated their stance with Borderlands 3 and now players across PC, Xbox, PlayStation, as well as the cloud gaming service Stadia, can connect and play together. We can only hope that Sony will continue to move in this forward direction with older titles or even newer titles as they release.

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