Broken Ranks’ New Boss Sidraga Has Awoken, And They Seem Pretty Angry

The new in-game instance arrived today.

QuintLyn Bowers
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Broken Ranks Update

Today, Whitemoon Games dropped a new update in Broken Ranks, adding a new endgame instance, quests, and a bit of a gear overhaul. Unlike previous updates, this one focuses on content for high-level characters. It won’t just be going in and beating up a big baddy, though. Get ready to work together on planning, solving puzzles…and beating up the big baddy. The new Sidraga’s instance is for characters level 135 or higher. Layers who complete it will receive five new legendary pieces of gear as their reward.

In addition to the new instance. The update also adds a new sidequest for players level 66 or higher, a Spring event, and an overhaul of all gear in the game. The new gear customization system will allow players to insert any character-enhancing mods into their gear using “drifts”. This will offer players a new way to develop their characters and give them ways to try new things. More information on the update can be found on the Broken Ranks site.

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