Happy Thursday! You all know what that means. It’s time for a new free game offering (or two) from the Epic Game Store. This week, the store is offering players a chance to snag Mohawk Games’ RTS Offworld Trading Company and Art in Heart’s platformer GoNNER for free.

The first of the two games, Offworld Trading Company, is set in a future where Mars has been colonized and companies vie for control of the marketplace. Players must try to build their own companies based around supplying Earth with resources no longer found on the planet. The game features a multiplayer option for up to eight players and promises that no two games will ever be alike.

Normally Offworld Trading Company’s core game runs $30, but until next Thursday, you can grab it for free. Of course, if you’re really wanting to get into the game, you’ll probably want to pick up the DLC — which will run you around $60 in total, not including the soundtrack.

The other game, GoNNER is a procedurally-generated platformer that tells the story of an unlikely friendship between a character named Ikk, Death, and a space whale. (A bit unusual, but if it works…) The $10 game features all kinds of unlocks and secrets, as well as leaderboards, daily challenges, and some interesting art. As with Offworld Trading Company, GoNNER will be available to add to your library for free until next Thursday.



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