Destiny 2‘s latest Friday blog post is all about the progression and economy of the game following the launch of Beyond Light on Nov. 10. Once the expansion hits in just a couple of weeks, the various power caps will be shifted upwards, to 1200/1250/1260 for the soft/hard/pinnacle caps, respectively. Everyone, even new players, will be at 1050 or higher once the expansion hits, and it will be possible to receive rewards up to Power Level 1250 from strikes, Gambit, Crucible, and seasonal drops. That’s not the most efficient way to gain power, but if it’s all you want to do, it will be an option.

On the loot side of things, all your materials from content that’s going to be Vaulted will no longer be accepted by vendors. You can still trade them in with Spider for a little Glimmer, but the best suggestion is to spend them before the expansion hits. Speaking of Spider, he’s going to have some changes to his inventory, notably the replacement of Legendary Shards with Enhancement Prisms. Bounties are also undergoing some changes, to be replaced by “a new mechanism to provide players with a set of non-expiring and account-scoped objectives each week.” That system will be detailed at a later time.

The season pass will be remaining largely the same, with one major change being the addition of Bright Dust. You’ll be able to earn 7,500 Bright Dust from the free pass, another 3,000 from its paid version, and 100 per weekly bounty. For more on all the economy and loot changes coming to Destiny 2: Beyond Light, check out the This Week At Bungie post.

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