True to their word, ESTSoft continues to release video previews for their upcoming western release of the much anticipated CABAL 2. Today’s video takes players through Abysmos. Think of them as being similar to rifts in Rift and you kind of have an idea of where we’re going with this feature.

Abysmos come in two colors, red and blue, and each color comes in two varities, normal and hyper. Crack open a red Abysmocore and mobs will spawn right on the map in increasing waves. Tear them down for extra loot and Abysmos points (if you’re doing the daily quests tied to these events) and continue on your journey. Blue cores, however, will spawn a portal for you and your party to enter. They look kind of like “mini-dungeons” and share the same opportunities for loot and points, but they’re a bit more challenging than their red counterparts.

The “hyper” versions of both colors ramp up the difficulty and will usually require either a party or a player with great gear and skill to tackle.

So great, you farmed up some Abysmos Points. What now? Predictably, these points are used to purchase goods like gems to increase damage or modify existing skills. Better start farming though, these points are hard to come by and items are expensive. Abysmos will also become much harder as you level.

Sign up for beta on the official CABAL 2 site.

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  1. não vejo problema algum, em um jogo que esta 10 anos atras de outros jogos , pois jogos do SNES tem mais de 20 anos e ainda são jogados ate hoje.

  2. Well I have signed up for the beta even if I am expecting nothing from this game.
    I have been testing beta’s for a long time and I won’t stop just because the game looks a little out dated even when not released.
    There are so many games coming out and we are all looking for that new mmo that will get us hooked. I doubt it will be this one but well 2014 has been a dissapointing year for me ^^
    Ill still give it a shot because well they still worked hard on it!

  3. A type of game that nexon and aeria games and oher crap f2p publisher publish games that look and act like 10 years behind other games.

      • Its called wanting quality games.

        Bet you’re one of those peopel that tell people to “just don’t play it if you don’t like it”

        That’s not how it works anymore.

        If we let games like this survive, other developers will get lazy too and we’ll be flooded by low-budget MOBA’s. And I’m sure nobody is waiting for those

        • Funny. You are dead right. And these f4gs cant handle truth and act like kids whos dads telling them about real life. They thumbs down you and hide. Dont worry.Thankfully, while these turds game hop as ADD ravage their brains, we have some saviorq in older good games, some indie titles, and private servers that make it right.

  4. Cabal has always been 20 steps behind the games that are releasing at the same time as it… The first cabal was crap, this one is even worse… How can they release a game that is so dated in every god damn way lol. Waste of their time and money for real.

    • crap? how can crap game be for 10+ years straight and still get updates wake up man.. sure its not AAA+ mmorpg but cabal have its own community that is dedicated and that community stands for the game!

      • Cabal 1 isn’t a bad game but ESTsoft ruined it by making it pay to win. The updates are also getting more silly with the epic items needed to compete in PvP/War.

        • I also played the Cabal 2 closed alpha/beta they did last year and had fun. I’m willing to give the game a try once it’s finally open beta.


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