California Man Drops $1 Million Of Embezzled Money On F2P Game

Jason Winter
By Jason Winter, News Editor Posted:


If you had roughly $5 million of someone else's money, what would you buy with it? For one man, that was:

* Luxury cars. OK, I can see that.
* Season tickets to pro sports teams. Nice!
* Golf club membership. Fore!
* Plastic surgery. Hey, if you need it, sure.
* And $1 million on mobile F2P title Game of War. Uhh...

That was the shopping list for Kevin Lee Co of Sacramento, Calif., who pled guilty to embezzling $4.8 million from his employer between 2008 and 2015, as reported by Ars Technica. I'm sure he did it for the awesome gameplay, and not just because of Kate Upton.

According to the text of the guilty plea, the maximum sentencing Co could receive is 20 years each for counts of wire fraud and money laundering, along with hefty fines. I wonder if that was worth it to get a high ranking in the game. Then again, I wonder if a paltry $1 million is enough to get you to the top of the leaderboards in Game of War. Probably not.

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Discussion (13)

Luxvlaze 6 years ago
I think alot of people forget what games are. sure this guy is nuts for stealing 5mil and the spending 1mil of it on a game. but games are here for us to escape from the real world for a time. if games don't do that for you, you shouldn't play them. also what really bothers me is that he could have gave even a fraction of that money to one of the charitys and it would go to help tons of people. not some greedy company. now i understand the greedy money gruby game companys. game devs have forgotton how to make great games and are only out for the wallet now days. but everynow and then you fine a unrefined gem, example (path of exile). i've been playing games since i was 12 years old. im 28 now. when i was a kid games where magical, and oh man the games released back then where amazing. you didn't half to worry about all the $$$ companys. just great games. sure they cost 60$ usd to get but, atleast they where honest about it back then. anyways thats just one mans thoughts.

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Former MMO Gamer 6 years ago
I don't really play MMos anymore but came to check out this site and after seeing this all I gotta say is that guy can do anything with his money but he is nuts for spending that much on an MMO. I agree with MMO GUEST the MMO games are pretty much doomed to the point of no return which is why I don't play MMOs anymore. Friends and people I know think I'm dumb for giving up MMOs and they still play MMOs but I feel I'm smart for giving it up and just focusing on life.

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MMO Guest 6 years ago
There are people who are suffering out there in the global world. It no wonder games become so much a problem nowadays in MMO Games. I guess MMO Games are kindly doomed to the point to no return

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