Card Hunter AI cards

Blue Manchu Games’ free-to-play card/board game hybrid Card Hunter has a new expansion coming out soon-ish, codenamed “AI,” and its campaign mode will reuse a mechanic that was introduced in some scenarios two years ago: respawning enemies. Normally, enemies in Card Hunter stay dead when you kill them. However, in two of the battles in the upcoming expansion, players will have to work around enemies that, like bad food, keep popping back up at the worst possible time.

In the first battle, you’ll have a number of the baddies to deal with, and you’ll have to kill them all at once; if any are left alive, they all respawn and you have to start over. In the second battle, the boss hits hard and is very fragile, but he respawns every turn, meaning you’ll have to dedicate someone to “killing” him every turn to hold off his damage.

It’s a neat use of the game mechanics and a clever way to breathe new life into what might otherwise be by-the-book battles. Have you had much experience with Card Hunter, and if so, what do you think of the respawning mechanic being used this way?

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  1. oh hell yea card hunter is going to be one of those games i can continue to play with my buddies even after i cut my internet off to save some $ before my big move out of state. i can just go to the library and p[lay on their free internets. its a really fun game that you can just spend anywhere from 1-6 hours playing some stages depending on the characters you bring with you and gear sets you wear can take upwards of 15mins-35mins to finish and there’s anywhere from 2-9 exciting battles to play in each marker on the map. the pvp is fun as well tons of balance. anything can happen. what they need to add in is a vs finder for when you and your party wants t challenge random people to battles. currently its set up so u have to find all 6 participants to pvp a 3v3 out. that sucks so we just play campaign.


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