It’s almost time to get your flying-dragon combat on. Playwing will be releaseing the team-based dragon combat game Century: Age of Ashes in Early Access in April. But, before that happens, we have some beta testing to get through.

The game’s second closed beta test kicks off today and runs through March 21, giving players a good amount of time to spend with the game. Those that played in the last test should notice improvements to the Gates of Fire mode, matchmaking, and a variety of other things, which are all conveniently listed here.

To get players psyched for the second closed beta, the devs dropped a new gameplay trailer this week. The trailer highlights the currently available classes, modes, and maps. More will be coming in the future, but this is what everyone has to look forward to right now.

There are three classes currently available in the game, each with a distinct power and two other abilities. The first, Phantom, is a stealth class with cloaking abilities. They also have a skill that allows them to disrupt enemies midflight and another for planting mines.

The second class is the Windguard. This is an assist-type class — maybe a little tank-y. Their job is to quickly aid their allies in combat by either eliminating the foe or offering a means of escape. The third class, the Maurader, is an offensive class designed to track down the enemy and take them out.

As mentioned, the video also featured the game modes. These include Carnage: a point-centry bounty mode in which the player with the most points becomes the biggest target, Survival: a last-man-standing 3 teams battle, and Gates of Fire: in which a player claims a flag and tries to maneuver through eight gates while holding onto it and avoiding dying.

As for the maps, well… just watch the video to get a look at those.

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