Despite Recent Blizzard/NetEase Disputes, China Approves The Microsoft ABK Merger

That makes 38 countries that have given the OK.

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Microsoft ABK Merger China Approval

Microsoft just got another win in its bid to buy Activision Blizzard – this time in China. Following the approval of the European Union, that makes a total of 38 countries that have decided to allow them to go forward with the deal. At this point, the only real stumbling blocks are the UK’s CMA and the FTC in the US.

A Blizzard spokesperson, speaking in response to the approval, said, “We're glad to see China join dozens of other major countries in welcoming more competition in the gaming industry. SAMR has unconditionally approved our merger with Microsoft, using facts and data to reach the correct conclusion. We are committed to the Chinese market, with many of our amazing players and employees based there, and we look forward to bringing them new choices and benefits as part of this deal.”

In both cases, the expectation is that they will eventually allow the deal to go through as well – whether it be on their own or by force through litigation remains to be seen. Microsoft is obviously ready to go through the courts to get this done, as proven by their recent hiring of a lawyer known for dealing with the CMA in the UK.

Worse for the CMA is apparently the fact that members of the UK parliament have begun to question their logic. According to a thread posted on Twitter covering a recent parliamentary oversight hearing on the CMAs decision, there is some worry tht the CMA is making its decisions in league with the FTC.

Meanwhile, in the US, the FTC just seems to be holding out as the deadline approaches, which could result in a federal court case. Of course, there are a variety of scenarios in both the UK and US – such as Microsoft just going ahead with the deal and maybe not doing business in those countries. That seems pretty unlikely on the whole, however. Or, it at least seems like a last ditch effort if absolutely nothing else can be done. However it plays out, most expectations are that the deal will eventually be approved across the board, in some way.

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