The Trials of Radimus have commenced in Chronicle: RuneScape Legends, giving players of Jagex’s F2P CCG their first crack at a single-player campaign as well as adding a few other highly requested features to the game.

The grand vizier of the Legends’ Guild, Radimus Erkle, tasks players with overcoming a series of 13 dangerous missions. Each trial has three stars to collect, the first of which is defeating your opponent, with additional challenges required to unlock the other stars. Oh, and there are pirates, too — yarrrr!!! Overcoming these trials will earn players the right to add Radimus to their decks.

The Trials of Radimus is free to all Chronicle players, because, as stated in the announcement post, Jagex viewed the Trials of Radimus as “an essential addition to the game that should be open and free to every player.” In addition to the new content, the update also adds new dynamic chapter environments and a global and friends chat system, as well as support for Macs.

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  1. Lol runescape still trying to be hip with current gamers. But who am I to say WoW and eve online is still around and they got massive playerbases and for me at least WoW is cool.

    • I guess if your IQ is 40 you would think a pathetic boring game like wow is cool.

      people with an actual brain definitely would not pay every month in order to rent some digital character.

      Lol these activison/bliizzard fantards really are so sad. that thing is licking their behinde and defending them in every game news.

      But to be honest it is kinda funny to me to feed it. I feel like he/she is my pet now and I own it. 😉

    • Then tell all the people who use xbox live and playstation plus then MrRight because they are only renting online multiplayer from sony and microsoft. And does that go for the people who support Eve online to? If your only bent up over WoW and blizzard entertainment then you got problems man. I mean at least runescape is trying to keep up most browser games just give up and throw massive p2w stuff in their games. But all I’m saying is WoW isn’t the only game doing a subscription based service.

    • Also I said it in another article to you but I’ll say it here to so you know. I don’t support activision I only support blizzard. And yes I know activision and blizzard are partnered and they also made a company called activision blizzard but I support blizzard since they are good at what they do. I don’t support activision because I think they suck. I think it sucks how they partnered with each other but WoW does have a free 2 play model incase your unaware of that. It’s limited obviously but it’s still a free 2 play starter edition option. I perfer to be a subscriber since I play their game and want access to all the functionality but if you don’t like blizzard then that’s fine I don’t care if you like them or not everyone dislikes and likes their own things but Blizzard does make some decent content that’s all I pretty much gotta say about that.

      • But I pretty much gotta support activision since I support blizzard so 🙁 but I don’t support activision alone I think they suck. I just support blizzard and since I don’t got much choice. I support activision blizzard.

      • Even if I don’t like what activision does or sometimes what I don’t like what blizzard does. And sorry if this is ranting I forgot to add it in my other post.


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