NCsoft and Paragon Studios are excited to announce the launch of City of Heroes Freedom, the new gameplay model that offers existing and new players unparalleled access to acclaimed content found within the world’s most popular super heroic MMO.

Starting today, the Freedom model allows all players to reach level 50 at no cost, while providing players with the option to purchase new content a la carte to build a one-of-a-kind gaming experience. Kicking off this era of choice, reward and content is Issue 21: Convergence, which is ready for players as soon as they log in. Issue 21: Convergence and City of Heroes Freedom come packed with a whole new zone, Incarnate Trial, powers, costumes and more, including the new monthly Signature Story Arcs and the Paragon Rewards Program.

The launch of Issue 21: Convergence leads the charge of City of Heroes Freedom with a plethora of new content for eager participants. Below is what players will experience with City of Heroes Freedom today:

New Zone: First Ward, the training and testing grounds for some of Praetoria’s most elite forces and sinister weapons, is where players will encounter all new threats, including the massive zone-wide event, the Seed of Hamidon.
New Epic Challenges: The Underground Incarnate Trial takes place deep below the streets of Praetoria, in the secret lair of the Devouring Earth. Those strong enough to break through their stronghold may reach the devastating Avatar of Hamidon for a final showdown of epic proportions. Up to 28 players can team up to fight new menaces and unlock great rewards.
New Power Sets and Costumes: Time Manipulation (free for VIP Players), Beam Rifle and Street Justice represent just the beginning of new powers coming to players with City of Heroes Freedom, while the Barbarian and the Circle of Thorns Costume Sets, as well as the IDF and Defense Costume Sets (free for VIP Players) add even more options to the millions of customisation options at a players’ fingertips.
New Starting Experience: Puts new players right in the middle of the action, giving them access to all archetypes with no alignment restriction. During the new starting experience, players will have the opportunity to determine whether they ally with the forces of good, or harness the powers of evil.
New Missions: The debut of monthly Signature Story Arcs (free for VIP Players), enables players to play a key role in the main storyline as they fight alongside iconic heroes and villains and discover which of Paragon City’s premier heroes will die!
New Rewards: The Paragon Rewards program is our way to thank players for investing in City of Heroes and provides new and unique in-game rewards designed around each player’s unique tastes and play style.

For more information on today’s announcement, Issue 21 content and Freedom, please visit

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  1. Nicolas on September 30, 2011

    im having trouble creating my account, how can they launch a game with all this bugs creating the account? they servers cant hold the big ammount of people registering? pfff i gonna listen to the people and dont play this

  2. Maxfredo on September 28, 2011

    I figured it out guys. Download the NC game launcher here:
    That should allow you to download the game and create an account

    • future_wwe_champion on September 29, 2011

      thx ive been wanting to try it its free so why not but cant wait for dc universe

  3. sdsd on September 28, 2011

    is not working to register is says We’re sorry but there was an unknown error when creating your account.
    You can still download the game, and make an account from in-game and when i press on download button nothing happens this is bullshit

  4. NinjaBird on September 28, 2011

    JUST DONT PLAY THIS PIECE OF CRAP. ITS JUST TOTAL BULL… to play this bloody …..if u r not gona be premium

    Just wait a bit (or like a month) cause DC-Universe is coming to be F2P and is 100% better than this crap if u r gona be a F2P player………………….


  5. Bioswat on September 28, 2011

    I have a trouble too (when click “download” it writes that can’t download it) .

  6. Maxfredo on September 28, 2011

    hey, I’m always willing to give anything a try, that way I give everything a chance to surprise me.

  7. skillfuljedi823sk on September 28, 2011

    me! but its not because i tried, more like because i didnt, i suggest you dont waste your time with those superhero MMOs

  8. Maxfredo on September 28, 2011

    Who else is having trouble actually registering and downloading this?