Today is the first day of a planned six-month Closed Beta period for Tripeaks’ MOBA Wide Cross. Published on the GameNGame site, Wide Cross currently features three modes: Training, Rank Match, and Prime Match. It also boasts a pretty solid amount of maps for a game just entering Closed Beta testing. Overall, it looks like your standard MOBA offering, only with chibi-ish characters.

The developer is currently looking for 100 players to start testing with. Anyone over the age of 13 who can also communicate in English is welcome to sign up.

Of course, those who participate will be rewarded for their help. All players will be given 7 Hero characters — either their choice or chosen at random. Those they consider “Excellent users” will receive even more rewards such as the chance to become an official moderator, in-game items, and more.

Interested players can sign up via the GameNGame site.

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  1. Didn’t they get the memo? The MOBA bandwagon has already crashed and burned. They should join the rest of us in 2018 and hop on the battle royale bandwagon.

  2. tired of a life-look model moba, cartoon alike moba, open source cartoon-anime moba, bring out the chibi moba >> profit

  3. Well, not getting into the “just another moba” choir, but considering how well established are the top dogs of the moba genre and looking at this graphics and theme….it’s just….dunno….really lame and sad looking. Sure, its just starting, but i’m afraid this cute puppy will fall right throuh the same hole like Dawngate, Strife, Paragon, Battleborn….and so on many many more that couldn’t get any atention they deserved.
    Good intention is fine…but not a sale proof.


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