An all new team-based shooter, titled Veterans, has landed on Steam Greenlight. The top-down game — developed by Nuked Cockroach — is described as “simple, yet tactical,” and boasts tactical gunplay modes, a ranked matchmaking system, customization for soldiers, and more.

Currently, there are 30 levels for players to progress through, which will allow players to craft their own playstyle. This can be done both with gear and level-based abilities.

Gameplay allows for both solo and team-based modes. The latter includes capture the flag, team matches, and death matches.

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  1. b2p is simply buying your way to a f2p game there will always be gold spammers and bots like in final fantasy online or the tree of savior (u need to buy the founder to play it for now)

    • Why not? B2P is our lord an savior. You just buy once and don’t have to worry neither about another payment, or about the game becoming Pay2Win. Also, the community is usually more spammer free and more polite overall. I like B2P and think most of the games that could have been good but got broken by F2P, would have made it if they went B2P in the first place.

      • that is true. problem is that developers/publishers are scammers and the new trend is to release the game as buy to play to milk sheeps and then they release it as free to play to milk cows.

      • Buy to play is our lord and savior. Rright. Multiplayer B2P of late includes most features of free to play except it requires an initial purchase as well as sticks microtransactions in your face. -_-


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