Last month, The Lord of the Rings Online posted several musical selections from its first 10 years with commentary from composer Chance Thomas. Thomas stopped working with the then-Turbine-developed MMO some time ago, though many fans had fond memories of his grand musical scores and stirring themes from the game’s first 10 years. For these fans, LotRO now has some exceptionally good news.

Today, during a special live stream, Thomas joined Lord of the Rings Online Community Manager Jerry “Cordovan” Snook to announce that the composer would be returning to score the Mordor expansion.

Apparently, this has been in the works for some time, with Thomas and the LotRO team having agreed a while back to re-partner. The wait — as should probably be no surprise — came in the form of waiting on the legal teams and contracts. In fact, the final contract was signed yesterday.

According to the stream, players can expect this score to be different from Thomas’ previous work on the game. The last bit of work he did was during the Riders of Rohan expansion and Mordor in general will have a vastly different feel.

If you’d like to watch the interview in full, you can do so in the video above. Those interested in finding more information on the 10th anniversary festivities mentioned earlier in this post can find a summary written by our own Jason Winter here.


  1. Smart move, the one thing that LOTRO has above other games in the immersion. This game may not be one of the best MMOs on the market but it by FAR has the best Score in any MMO, actually ever.


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