The resistance has come to Conqueror’s Blade — the Rattan Resistance, that is. That’s the name of the latest update, which adds units from the Rattan army, as well as a trio of new, limited-time, PvE events.

The five Rattan units “hail from a region shrouded in dense woodlands” and wear durable armor. Their forces consist of two melee infantry units, two ranged infantry units, and a ranged cavalry unit, the last of which carries a “repeating pistol-crossbow” for short-range missile fire and a sabre for up-close encounters.

This update also brings three PvE scenarios to the game, as the White Elk Fortress is under attack from the Sea Raiders. Commanders will need to drive back the hordes in the town and at the walls of the fort, lest they make off with their ill-gotten plunder. Looting and pillaging is the players’ job, after all, and you don’t need someone else getting in on that racket.

Learn more about the Rattan Resistance update on the Conqueror’s Blade site.



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