Conqueror’s Blade has been out in the wild for a year now, and My.Games and Booming Games are celebrating that historic anniversary with another set of daily login bonuses — which will hopefully work, unlike the regular daily login rewards, which haven’t been functional this week — as well as a video boasting about just how bloody the first 365 days of the game have been.

From now until June 25, players can (theoretically) claim rewards, including bronze coins, artillery, bonus XP cards, crafting materials, and more, culminating in a title and set of Paladin’s Armor for logging in for 15 days of the 21-day event. The complete list of everything you’ll receive can be found here. Also, through June 18, warlords can enjoy a bonus 30% Bronze, Honour, Hero and Unit XP from battles, with a higher weekly Honour limit and no kit damage to units.

Other promotions going on during this time include a pair of new bundles, the Labyrinth Guardian Bundle and Fate of Theseus Bundle, which are highlighted by the Minotaur Hero attire and also include silver, banners, XP cards, and (for Theseus) Vault Keys. There are also sales on consumables, dyes, hero attires, and Vault Keys, and if you don’t want to spend at all, you can still pick up an anniversary banner and 10 Bombettes for free from the shop (details here).

And if you fancy yourself an artist, you can also take a crack at the loading screen art contest, where three winners will have the chance to get their artwork added to the game and featuring in a loading screen. The reward for those lucky winners will be 2300 Sovereigns, or about $20, as well as all that precious exposure.


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