While we’re still awaiting word on the game’s official payment model, Conqueror’s Blade, Booming Games’ medieval war simulation game featuring massive battles, entered closed beta today. Players participating in the beta will have a selection of PvP, PvE, and PvPvE content to participate in. The game features a 15v13 multi-stage siege skirmish, 8v8 and 5v5 Death Matches, and match PvE that requires players to escort an NPC while protecting it from enemy attack.

The massive sandbox game recreates medieval civilizations, down to their weapons and fighting styles. Players command generals, attack and occupy cities, and collect resources to create better equipment.

Those looking to participate in the beta can still sign up on the game’s page. Those who already have keys can activate them and download the game there as well.

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  1. this game will become something big. if they fix everything, mount&blade wont stand a chance + no one knows when will m&b release… too much delay

    • Regardless of whether or not it will become more popular than M&B, I don’t think these games are in direct competition. M&B multiplayer is all about personal fighting skill and realistic weapon handling while Conqueror’s Blade is focused on commanding your troops.

      • Not really, yes Commanding your troops play a big role but individual skill level still play a big Role, the biggest role, however, is that it is an RPG, so Equipment and level mostly decide the battles right now.

  2. First close beta, finding a bug is a good thing. Second no founders pack a proper beta too find bugs not too rip off your last pants. So stop complaining game in itself is great very enjoyable plus dev team is hard working releasing 2 patches a day trying too fix all the problems as soon as possible.

  3. This game has a chance to become big, but at the moment it has lots of very rough edges (to be expected from a true CBT, but you never know). They need to address stability and performance (and translation x_x) as soon as possible or it will fare even worse than Tiger Knight.


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