Daily quests in MMOs are kind of a chore. They’re a ploy to get you to log in every day and play because if you don’t complete them every day, you’ll fall behind. Oh no! So games put them in, hoping you’ll log in and do them and hey, while you’re here, can I interest you in something from the cash shop?

Or, as Conqueror’s Blade is saying, could I interest you in completing your dailies via the cash shop?

My.Games has introduced the “Fulfill Missed Quests” feature to Conqueror’s Blade, which allows you to pay in-game currency (Bronze) or cash-shop currency (Sovereigns) to complete quests from the previous day or week. Fulfilling the quests with Sovereigns grants you full rewards, while using Bronze is less … well, fulfilling, netting you just 60% of XP and Honor with no Bronze (obviously) or item rewards.

While letting you complete dailies the next day without even doing them may seem subversive and go against the entire notion, I can see at least some validity in this method. Now you have the choice of completing activities you want to do and using the Bronze you gain to “complete” quests for activities you don’t want to do, receiving partial rewards (though I wish War Points, which net you some nice weekly rewards, were included in the mix). I’m not sure that I’d ever care enough to spend real money on such a thing, but others likely will, and there are worse ways for a free-to-play game to monetize, I suppose.


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