You’ve heard of seasons (and season passes) in MMOs, but how about a pre-season? That’s what Conqueror’s Blade has going on now, following yesterday’s patch that brought a bunch of changes and enhancements to the game, while also removing some of its restrictions on character creation.

Characters of both genders can now use all weapons, and a revamped user interface and graphical enhancements to the open world make the game prettier and easier to navigate. There’s also a new NPC, the War Scholar, who offers access to Signacula, which can reduce the honor cost of researching a new unit, and Doctrines, which grant units special abilities.

This update adds a lot of other new features to the game, all in preparation for the first season/expansion, Seize the Crown, arriving at a later date; you can read about them all here. They’re extensive, and even as a semi-lapsed Conqueror’s Blade player who understands the game, there’s a lot to absorb. My eye was particularly drawn toward the Eagle Eye system, which lets me check the position of other allied warlords by pressing Z and “any undeployed units you take into battle will now also collect Unit XP as well.” Finally, there’s no need to take my peasants into battle to level them up as they get eviscerated by opposing heavily armored knights!


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