G4BOX releasedan update for its free-to-play military shooter, Cross Fire. The free update features Thanksgiving-themed weapons and equipment, four new weapons, and “Orbital Station”, a new science-fiction themed Team Deathmatch map featuring high-flying, low gravity gameplay.

Cross Fire’s November update boldly takes players where they’ve never gone before…deep space! Fight it out in low gravity, launch off jump-pads and make pro mid-air headshots on the all new map, “Orbital Station”. The November update also includes four new weapons for players to add to their backpack arsenal: a Gold AWM that can be had via coupon exchange in the Black Market, a SCAR-Heavy with a camouflage skin available to loyal players through the Bonus Point Mall, the new M4A-1-S Patriot found in ZP crates, and the LR300 ML rifle available for purchase with ZP in the Item Mall.

Players that make 500 kills on Orbital Station from November 17th to 20th will receive a special “Soldier Tune-Up Package” which includes a 7-day rifle magazine clip, a 7-day blue smoke grenade, and a 7-day advanced military compass. The update also introduces two new ribbons for competitive clan players to add to their profile. For current players, the update will download automatically upon launching Cross Fire. New players can download and play the game for free from: http://crossfire.z8games.com.

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  1. 123boob123 on September 24, 2015


  2. DuvelN1sS on December 15, 2011

    what a noob game i think i am the best of all game even i play with beginner rank FTW stuck wall newbies.!!!

  3. big scorpion on November 22, 2011

    In thease game people hack and i don’t like it

  4. AsDkill on November 18, 2011

    3° ^^

  5. SerbNinja on November 18, 2011

    This game is hacker paradise(Special mention to famous Z8 Points Hackers!).Lot’s of newer and better MMO FPS’s.

  6. Grant on November 18, 2011

    Eh, Its fun! But theres.. Loads of Bug’s. As in Game sometimes loading wont work, The M4 Bandage Wont work. Crashes.. IP Restrictions.. Most of them should be fixed by now but yeah.. Still kinda Horrible.. Lol.

    • steven on November 20, 2011

      aye do u no how to fix something… wen i try to login it says your server is not availible in your region…wat do i do??