Crossout Marketplace

From guns to tires to radios to armor, there are lots of different components in Crossout. If you don’t have what you want — or have too much of what you don’t want — you can make use of the game’s Marketplace, which is highlighted today in a dev diary post by Gaijin Entertainment.

MMORPG players familiar with auction houses should feel right at home using Crossout’s Marketplace. You can buy or sell components immediately, though you’ll usually realize better prices if you submit a bid or an item and wait for someone else to complete the transaction.

A word to the wise: Make sure you know exactly what you’re buying. Many components have similar names, so it can be a little tricky getting the right thing for the right price. In related news, I’m offering a great deal on some square tires…

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  1. Prepare for another pay to win mmo subscription , not interested , poor game for own poor citizens to make them even more poor :D.. not for smart people!


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