Dauntless already has huge monsters, and today it’s got a huge patch. “Path of the Slayer” went live this morning, bringing with it a new Mastery system and totally new progression system, as well as new abilities for the game’s original four weapons.

The Mastery system presents players with long-term goals that encourage them to use a variety of different weapons and hunt many different Behemoths. Think of it like a mega-achievement system, with rewards to boot.

Speaking of weapons, the sword, axe, hammer, and chain blades receive some new attacks, perfect for players who thought Dauntless combat was initially too basic. Weapons will also receive swappable abilities, adding another layer of tactical choices in combat.

The rework to core game progression is meant to help onboard new players more quickly, while veteran slayers will immediately gain access to the new quest system. The UI now breaks down threat levels and hunt types in an easier-to-understand format, and the end-of-hunt display is more informative, showing rewards and your slayer’s overall progression.

Check out everything that Path of the Slayer has to offer on the Dauntless website.

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