About the game:
Title: Dauntless
Status: Released Graphics: 3D
Developer: Phoenix Labs
Publisher: Phoenix Labs

Gather your friends, forge your weapons, and hunt ferocious behemoths in Dauntless, the co-op multiplayer RPG from Phoenix Labs, a studio consisting of developers from some of the biggest MMORPG ever made. Set adrift in a lush fantasy world known as the Shattered Isles, “Slayers” must band together to contend with a harsh environment and even harsher enemies

Each Slayer can choose his or her weapon and attack style, from lightning-fast sword attacks to powerful axe strikes. You can imbue your weapon with elemental properties to make it stronger, but no matter how good your gear is, you’ll need to know your enemy and its vulnerable spots, to make every attack count. Do you have what it takes to survive the Shattered Isles? Will you become Dauntless?

News and Updates

Dauntless Brings Back An Old Behemoth, The Thunderdeep Drask

What's old is new again, as an old foe returns to Dauntless. The Thunderdeep Drask is back in Update 1.7.1, challenging Slayers again, and...

Slay Better With Omnicells, New In Today’s Dauntless Update

The 1.7.0 Update for Dauntless has dropped, called Heroes of Ostia, and it's introducing a major way for Slayers to customize their builds, in...

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Dauntless Brings Back Several Exotic Weapons And Opens Up New Area Of Paradox Breaks

The latest update for Dauntless has brought back several of the game's older exotic weapons, added a new area to the Paradox Breaks Hunting...

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Dauntless’ Dazzling New Environment Sets The Stage For Its Chronovore Confrontation

Normally, when we do one of these Dauntless update previews with the Phoenix Labs team, the focus is on how awesome the new Behemoth...

Because Dauntless Has To Be Extra, It’s Celebrating It’s 2nd Annual “Slayerversary”

It's been two years since Dauntless launched on consoles, and Phoenix Labs is celebrating with the "Slayerversary". The anniversary event kicks off on May...

Dauntless Splits Time With New Infinite Radiance Season

Dauntless's 1.6.0 update released today, signaling the start of the Infinite Radiance season. This is a unique season in that throughout its duration, players...

Explosive Features:

  • Battle Against Giant Behemoths
  • Variety of Fighting Styles
  • Co-op Gameplay

Featured Video

System Requirements

Dauntless Minimum System Requirements:
OS: Windows 7 DX11 Support
Processor: i5 SandyBridge
Memory Ram: 4GB
Hard Disk Space: At least 15GB of free Space
Video Card: nVidia 660Ti (DX11) or equivalent

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  1. Dauntless looks very interesting, I want to play on mobile but, I dislike that you need to verify before playing the game, it’s so annoying. I only got interested because I watched Jacksepticeye play it and it looks so cool. Phoenix Labs better take out that verification system on the mobile version otherwise I’ll assume it’s fake and someone ripped it off from the original source, hence a verification needs to be done. I ain’t downloading and play two games for who knows how long just to unlock the gameplay. These types of things don’t work at all.

  2. For some reason, I’m having extreme lags. My laptop is not bad at all, I usually play many games on quite high resolution (Tera, Riders of Icarus, even tried Fortnite, which I guess is the same, right?) and it ran smoothly. With this game though? Terrible lags. Also, my wifi is completely fine…

  3. 1. Combine two things to create a new thing, wait 22 hours to get that thing or pay something to get it instantly.
    2. Play with 2 afk’s, mob is x3 harder, afk’s join you after 15min of fighting, die, lose, waste 20 min of your life.

  4. You have to know what to expect from this game.. knowing that… it’s really amazing and this is just the beginning. This game is the next fortnite.

    • Haha yeah it is like Fortnite. Copy a game make it free then put micro transactions then claim it as your own idea

      • This- this game was made by the same people, and hell, tons of other companies do micro transactions, like EA, at least epic games is just cosmetic shite and not a DLC that you gotta pay $50 on

  5. it has a long way.
    – network optimizations are bad so having lags.
    – bosses re doing huge dmg so its a big problem with 1. problem
    – for heroic runs game creating 2 ppl parties which you have %15 chance to complete :9 good luck
    – graphics is good if you ve a good graphics card – mine gtx 950m renders with everyting low

    I left game. Have a nice time.

    • So far the game seems fun for a free to play game. As for the graphics, honestly if your computer can’t run a game like this you shouldn’t be using that computer to play games.

  6. i find it quite simple n fun to play as far as starts go this is not a bad way to start a game ….howerver the server n conection issues r too many atm for me if i solo a boss i have to wait around 10 min to leave the map if i do it in group i get diconect right after the finish n takes me around 10 min to log back in but the game it self i love it

  7. I was invited to play beta and as an hardcore gamer i must admit its a huge disappointment.
    Although at start i was excited, control is bad, graphics are mediocre. Bosses and surroundings (environment) are a joke. This game is a Huge NO NO.

    After playing Everquest, WOW, Neverwinter, Riders of Icarus this game is truly and sadly horrible!

  8. I played this game in closed beta and it sucks. Yes you should expect bugs in a beta game, but there are bugs that any half-competent dev would have fixed in the alpha. A few examples are one of the most god-awful UIs I’ve seen in a beta, the feeling that you are rubberbanding every single time I walk up stairs (no exceptions), and a problem that isn’t a bug, but shows little hope for the game, is terrible voice acting for the lines that the NPCs do speak. As for the actual gameplay, the hitboxes feel far from amazing, movement is clunky and locked, and boss battles are neither exciting nor challenging if you play patiently.

    • Dont be This guy ^. what are you, time traveler?. the game will either be success or failed. And look at it now… keep updating real stuff.

      • /\ don’t be the guy to combat another review while not mentioning the date when the other review was posted *clapped*

        Also the game is stupid, they had to implement a dam tier tree just like in br’s. Like f*ck man just get that crap outa here. Ea stuff spreading to other games besides br’s

  9. You should update the system specs and the “Play Now” button. The system specs are out and you can’t “play now” unless you have an alpha invite.

  10. Mr 233o2roekjr-w0r, you can not even come up with a name so you just hit a bunch of keys to complain and not for nothing way to long. Also 21eh0832qe3u20 I wouldn’t talk about how games are made with that name you show you have 0 imagination.

  11. watched the gameplay.

    dunno at what difficulties are they playingiaeb…. but the game looks like a blunder similar to evolve.

    They are giving away too much. Overall look impressive , but the boss doesn’t look challenge other than doing massive damage…. doesn’t convince me enough ; I am not impressed.

    So big no. Since it is no different than other hunting games .

    What do I expect here if you want to know….??

    Innovative hitboxes related to combat

    real-time enemy behaviour changes( throughout the fight or before or after , anything. More surprise and unreadable enemies)

    other than lunging 24/7 like Soul series , looking for far more innovative way to outplay the monster.

    meh , they put up some nice hype with their “ex-LoL” whatever it is.

    Not sure if they want to hear any opinion since the game looks and feels very set in their own stone.

    Good Luck with those concepts.


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